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Pi day 2019 fundraiser is finally complete!
This is my third year of running this fundraiser at Salesforce - I get executives and ICs to agree to be bid on to take a whipped cream pie in the face with the winning bid going to the charity of their choice (most people then match these bids). After that, Salesforce matches employee donations up to $2500/$5000 per year based on how much you've volunteered. So frequently, $1 in bids is $4 to the charity of choice.
This year before Salesforce matches, I personally raised $13k (omg holy crap!) for Planned Parenthood.

Across the three offices that hosted the event this year, if everyone uses that corporate matching - we're looking at raising above $125k spread across about 25 charities.
I'm both so grateful to everyone that participates every year, and happy to be able to bring such a fun event to so many people!

mom takes the absolute *most* ridiculous pictures of me every time

pictured this time is me laughing my ass off trying to corral my hair in the wind
puako will always be one of my favorite places in the world, and I really hate leaving it every single time.
#puako #tilnexttime

another great class assisting at the pantry!
students tonight learned to humanely kill and efficiently clean crabs, and then we made delicious food: * dungeness crab and washington apples with bacon-cider sauce
* crab salad with grapefruit, mint, and fried shallots
* red chile crab cakes with lime leaf sauce

snow-filled days require appropriately time consuming projects!
butterfly pea flower for the blue dough, and pea for the green

the lack of egg in the blue dough makes it much more challenging to work with, but the color is just so pretty!

people sometimes ask what I do in my free time, and I'm not always sure how to describe it

I believe this video accurately captures ~70% of my free time that isn't spent in the kitchen

the viaduct is dead, long live the tunnel!
my balcony has become an incredibly peaceful place, and I'm pretty hyped about it (and those perfectly snow capped mountains)

#tbt to lady canewood

she left her sabre in my apartment, and I really need to find a reason to get it back out

spending as much time as possible with this brat before I leave her for another week

"we aren't pornstars... anymore"

@issacelliott_standup demoing proper ravioli form at our annual ravioli party - every year as many of us that can get together and eat, drink, and talk a lot of shit - all while making a massive amount of raviolis.
This year's grand total was 1,113 - which should be enough for maybe a couple weeks 😘

have you ever made something so delicious that the first taste just made you laugh?
braised short rib stuffed raviolis with mushroom cream sauce three ways (dried morels, fresh criminis, and mushroom stock) paired with roasted carrots tossed in togarashi

sunday kind of feeeeels


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