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Maura McGovern  The Body Knows β€” You Are Human #thebodyknowsyou


🐚from @naimonujames weekly horoscope; so good, always so good. #quoteblockmm #thebodyknowsyou

body shape by @alexa_coe
words from clarissa pinkola estΓ¨s 🐺"there's burning that goes with joy, and there's burning that goes with annihilation. one is the fire of transformation, the other is the fire of decimation only. it is the fire of transformation we want. but many women give up the red shoes and agree to become too cleaned up, too nice, too compliant with someone else's way of seeing the world." #quoteblockmm #thebodyknowsyou πŸ”₯

expansion by @_lauraberger_
and these words
also found in my stories this morning
while exploring movement
inspired by
@marihuertas @19syllables "when it's time, it's time. even if you're not ready, even if things are undone, even if today your ship is coming in. when it's time, it's time. the seal woman returns to the sea, not because she just feels like it, not because today is a good day to go, not because her life is all nice and tidy β€” there is no nice and tidy time for anyone. she goes because it is time, and therefore SHE MUST." β€” clarissa pinkola estΓ©s / and one more, because when it comes to inspiring me to move and to feel into the undone readiness of it all, i am grateful for you @hyperdimensionalhuman πŸ”₯


mmm β€” extra ginger and turmeric
but only a hint of cilantro
aka trying to trick my tastebuds into a love affair
with this heavy metal extracting herb πŸƒ
oh and sound healing w tom kenyon;
"restoration" is just so good, gets right in there;
a river walk soon, join me?
ps: do you ever mix a handful of green juice pulp
with finely ground sugar and jojoba oil
to use as a body scrub?
i mean, the cleanup is real
but worthwhile β€” definitely.
#thebodyknowsyou #selfcare #skincare

to be your own hero, while being of service to others. yes, so much, yes. / reminded of these words because @mastinkipp mentioned them in a podcast w @oprah πŸ’–#quoteblockmm #thebodyknowsyou

the body is a bridge;
steady in places
flexible in others;
it's waiting for you
to root into it
while reaching
while exploring
while connecting
while desiring
to connect what you know
and what you feel within yourself
to those around you πŸ•Š
music: aimee mann πŸ’œ

🌈 from 2 nights ago; and the words below from the power path. pro tip: when the monthly theme/update is released, i post these weekly check-ins to my calendar. oh, i also post random quotes and self-care prompts and meal suggestions β€” invite your calendar be a loyal companion and not just a space that dictates where you need to be 🌈 "November 8-15: We are processing, sometimes with confusion and sometimes with clarity. We can be foggy one day and extremely clear and determined the next. It is like an undulating wave and the best way to navigate is to just flow with it. You will get there eventually especially if you don’t fight the current. Use this time to really dig and turn up your old passions. Honor your talents and work on forgiveness towards anything or anyone that did not honor them. This is a good window for sharing and communication, being with others in a new way, and getting support for a newly rediscovered dream. Be kind to your body and understand that the physical is always a little behind and usually has to catch up with any new energy coming in." β€” #thepowerpath #lenastevens #quoteblockmm

so true, so true
just because you're vegetarian
just because you're vegan
just because you're keto
just because you're primal
or following/subscribing to
a specific way of eating, or living,
doesn't mean that you're consuming
the best foods for Your Body.
along those lines,
i just listened to a podcast
w @mastinkipp and @floliving
about one of my favorite topics;
listening to and caring for my body
through cycle syncing β±πŸŒ™ (see @floliving app)
also; do you know about @myviome ?
it's a stool analysis kit
that explores your gut and metabolic intelligence;
and creates a listing
of the foods that are healthful for Your Body
and food to avoid;
it's been on my list;
excited to try/explore πŸ¦…
ps: one more to check out @lunarnourishment
see her free e-book on her site πŸ’—

early morning moments at the mouth of the river .
these words for my phoenix sisters πŸ”₯πŸ–€ "black light is the sweet light of silence of the beloved calling you home. it is sweet emptiness, the empty heart surrendered. it feels like your heart is gently but perpetually breaking wide open, with no object for it's breaking. it is crystal clarity, pure, deeply touching, and feminine in vastness. there is no object for its love and compassion for, for there is nothing there, no reference point, no concept or form, nothing to hold on to, no memory, no past, no future. it is the deepest intimacy one can ever know. it embraces you, not you it. it touches you in a place nothing else can and nobody else ever will. it makes you cry for the deepest remembrance of love a human could ever have ... it is the magic of nothing within the loving field of everything." β€” womb wisdom πŸ”₯πŸ–€#thebodyknowsyou #quoteblockmm

of course
these words found me
after crossing a mile long bridge
in both directions;
heart energy and river waters flowed;
in and out πŸ•Š
#quoteblockmm #alanwatts

a new post β€” The Body Knows Curiosity;
featuring @medicalmedium @bulletproof @umajor @apieceapart @everlane @elizsuzann @beatricevalenzuela @amandapalmer @avivaromm @livinglibations @rmsbeauty @marstonhouse β€” and 2 new essays with all the feelings and personal stuffs scheduled for next week; baby steps. enjoy the weekend πŸ’–#thebodyknowsyou πŸ“· @subliming.jpg

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