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Vincent Mina  Husband, Father of two,Regenerative Family Farmer, Ag-Tivist, Pres HFUU Prez, Hawaii Board of Agriculture, Harmonica Player, KNF Vermicomposter

One leaf unfolds into life

Grown in the dark~Time to harvest~Golden Pea~ #kahanuainagreens

PVC Worm Trough~BAM~
Result of feeding juice pulp from #downtoearth and coffee parchment from @simplifreshfarms along with Dynagold minerals making these worm castings microbial dense and supercharged. #blackgold #redwigglerworms

It's like chocolate cake! Our farm compost that has been cultured and recycled back into the farm now for the past 24 years!

Just had a ONO KINE highest quality grass finished burger grown on this conscious Maui farm #hokunui #hokunuiburger so happy they now have Makawao steak house selling this Maui Raised Beef Mahalo Nui! @hokunui "Way to Grow"

IAO morning under clear skies

Kulolo Pickup sitting in with my daughter Kahanulani for board member Irene Plunkett Mina fundraising for the HFUU Mauna Kahalawai Chapter ONO KINE Kulolo~ taro desert. Somebody's got to do it🤙🏽💚 #familfarmers #localgrown #hfuu #hawaiifarmers #fundraising

Iao morning to you!

Almost getting taller then me! #kalo #naturalfarming

No need words

Golden pea harvest with the rising sun this am! #KahanuAinaGreens

"If I was a root I'd want to grow in this" A ball of humic rich compost that has been recycled and cultured now on our farm for 24 years. Those fibers you see are coconut fiber adding to the lignin quality of the compost. This assist in the elemental humification or humic acid development, creating glues and resins that holds this material together. This is the nutrient rich compost we grow our greens in, serving the communities health and well being now for those 24years. #KahanuAinaGreens #HawaiFarmersUnionUnited

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