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Shauna Dukes  Our youngest of four, Baby Trucker, is in heaven. Our hearts are heavy but we have peace. #truckerrideswithus

This little kind hearted, animal loving, picture taking, artistic, selfless beauty turns 12 today. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said mamma i dont need anything lets randomly bless someone today.. Indiana Nahoa Daisy Dukes you are one amazing human and I am so so blessed to be your mamma!! Happy Birthday baby!!❤️❤️❤️#ifonlyicouldslowdowntime #myheart #happiestbirthday #Truckerrideswithus

We could go to the most amazing places in the world, and do the most incredible things and nothing could take away our heartache for Trucker boy!!💔 #forevermissing1 Being on the road has been good in so many ways but we always knew when it would be time to go home and figure out "new normal" and its time!! #theresnoplacelikehome #luckywelivemaui #stickyfeetandwings #sogoodtobehome Thank you everyone for all you support and love!!❤️ #lovebeatscancer #wefeelthelove #stilllookingup

This photo was taken of us 3 months before you were diagnosed with the most aggressive form of one of the worst pediatric cancers!!💔 i wept when i saw this.. how could we have not known??? How could you look so perfect and be so sick?!?! What i wouldnt give to smell you, hear your sweet raspy voice, hold your little hand, snuggle you to sleep or touch your perfect skin!!! Our lives will never be the same and im not even sure im the same person in that photo!! Kiss your babies tonight and thank God that you have them here because for however long you have them they are a blessing!! #stilllookingup #Godsplanisbetterthanours #stickyfeetandwings #griefismessy #brokenhearted #forever3 #truckerrideswithus

12 years and a lot of life with this handsome man!! @trucker_boy_dukes!! Im so very grateful for all our time together and that we still love each other, in fact more than ever!! Cheers my love to many more!! #loveyoucrazykine #stilllookingup #anniversarylovers #onedayatatime

If you have all your babies together, take a moment and be so so grateful!! Tell the people you love how much they mean to you!! #donttakelifeforgranted Your whole world can change in an instant. Been a rough couple days for this mamma with a hole in my heart knowing in this life my family will never feel complete again!!💔 #stilllookingup and staying focused on the miracle of this life being a short tiny glimpse of eternity that we will spend together!! A sweet friends mom said this which i read almost everyday "Trucker was bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh and your sorrow for him runs so deep that it will withstand all time. But he is with God now, swallowed up in life, nothing can hurt him now. And nothing can separate you from the love of God" Honestly dont know where i would be without this truth. Thank you Mamma Domen for these beautiful words!! #onedayatatime #trustingGodsplan #forevermissing1 #TruckerRidesWithUs

We had a blast today!!! @soulcasetattoo @jessedolphin One of my oldest friends let the kiddos write out truckers name and tattoo it on him!! What a crazy memorable experience!! It was sooooo much fun!!!!! Thanks old friend!! Great seeing you and the fam!!❤️😊🇨🇦 #onedayatatime #TruckerRidesWithUs #stilllookingup

This is so good!! ❤️There are no magic words that will take away our sadness over missing Trucker boy, but I find it also hard when nothing is said.. We just went through the hardest thing I can ever possibly imagine going through and its more awkward pretending like nothing ever happened!! There are no right words, just love!! #onedayatatime #hopethisishelpful #stilllookingup #trustingGodsplan #TruckerRidesWithUs

Trying to stay fit and eat healthy on the road has been a bit of a challenge!! Thanks to @bruteforcesandbags and @555fitness we now have a sandbag to kick our butts!! #weloveagoodasswooping #gettingerdoneincanada #thegreatwhitenorth #TruckerRidesWithUs #onedayatatime

🎶 and i love everybody.. i love you and you and you and you.. and you Indiana 🎶
Missing this guy like ive never missed another💔 #myheartwillneverbethesame #4monthstoday #onedayatatime #wewillneverforget #stilllookimgup #forever3 #TruckerRidesWithUs
And still life goes on.. the sun keeps rising each day as we learn how to navigate this heartache, and experience the delicate dance of intense sorrow and joy that is still in front of us!! Im so grateful for the love and laughter of my other babies, and their handsome daddy!! Dont know where i would be without them!!❤️@trucker_boy_dukes

Indi's idea of a good time!! ❤️😊❤️Getting burried in sand with her fur buddy!! #daisyrocks #onedayatatime #beachlifeisgoodforthesoul

NYC you feel like home. But man we are missing this little guy something fierce!!💔❤️💔 #shakasfromheaven #onedayatatime #missingmyopihi #myheartsmiles #forever3

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