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Shauna Dukes  Our youngest of four, Baby Trucker, is in heaven. Our hearts are heavy but we have peace. #truckerrideswithus


I miss everything about you!! 💔❤️ #sharedachinghearts Last year at this time we were enjoying every moment we had together. We already had a Christmas tree and were celebrating and opening gifts everyday!! #missingmyopihi #makingmemoriestolastalifetime
I can hardly believe its been a year and now Im really really trying to just be grateful for the time we had with Trucker boy and the time we still have together!! #everydayisagift What if this Holiday season we all lived with gratitude for today and exactly what we have!! #lovealwayswins #choosinggratitude #Godsplanisbigger #forevermissingone
Thank you a million times to everyone who has stopped by and supported our new adventure @sundayshawaii
It means the world to us!!! Xoxo

I’ve had a lot of people asking and we have been working our butts off to make this happen so here is a little store update.. #sneakpeak We have put so much love and intention into what we are doing and it has been a super positive distraction from my heartache so here it goes.. #onedayatatime Its always been a dream of ours @opihilove @ourislandtribe to have a store... Our vision is to create an experience retail store where you walk in, feel inspired and want to spend time with us. We will have a botanical bar where you can pick a vessel, pick a plant, and a ton of accessories to make your creation one of a kind. We will also have a modern apothecary bar(this is where my passion is) #naturaltherapy #healingcomesfromwithin where we will have essential oils, mineral salts, organic dried flowers and herbs, and raw, organic, live body products that you could almost eat from clean ingredients and a space to create your own natural healing tincture. We will have a fresh flower bar where @wildheartflowers will be delivering fresh beautiful flowers weekly that have been grown on maui. We also have so many talented friends on maui that inspire us by making super cute swim, clothing, jewelry, and accessories and has been so fun to be able to hand pick our fav’s. We hope you love it all as much as we do and will be open 10-6 everyday of the week starting next Friday the 17th!! Find us on social media here @sundayshawaii hawaii and come by the store to say hi. Thank you all for the continued support and love!! Means the world to all of us!! #Truckerrideswithus
#Godsplanisbigger #gratefulheart

“There are some tragedies that are too big for a heart to hold, and they defy any description that makes sense. Time weaves its way through the shock, the hurt, and the inexpressible feelings, and one day you discover that in the process of daily survival, you have instinctively made decisions(good and bad), defined your theology, formed an opinion about God, and determined that you will either curl up and die emotionally or you will choose life”
#ichooselife #stilllookingup
I am feeling this sooooo much!! The pain of this season and loosing a child is like no other, and unless you have been through it cant even start to fathom it.. #iwouldntwishitonanyone but im learning that although my life will never be the same(in my mind my world was almost perfect with all my babies here) our life can still be beautiful!! #Godsplanisbigger #forevermissingone #Truckerrideswithus

And another full day spent in the hospital.. we were still just waking up this morning and i heard “the scream”...you know the kind as a mamma when you know someone is really hurt.. jedi fell out of a tree from about 10 ft and broke his arm pretty bad in several places.. so off to the ER we went.. thankfully @ourislandtribe was there and made sure we were taken good care of... #ptsdkickininhard #onedayatatime After a whole day here, surgery and 4 pins in his arm we are almost headed home!!! Sooo much happened in my mind and heart today dealing with trauma, the ER and hospitals.. Life can change in a second.. i mean really change.. although it was a bad break im so grateful thats all it was and its fixable!! But it made me once again feel the fragility of life and how quickly it can be taken!! Kiss your babies tonight and be so so grateful they are here.. healthy, kissable, huggable!!! #nooneispromisedtomorrow #myheart #stilllookingup

Hows this little gem? Im so so so grateful for technology and all these little pieces of gold i keep finding!! Can anyone truly know how our hearts ache for you Trucker boy?!?!? Fighting hard today to picture the rest of this life here without you!! #sosohard #wewillneverforget #littlelegend #stilllookingup #ithinkineverwanttoletyougo #griefissocomplicated
Literally feels like Im holding all the joy of life in one hand and all the sorrow of death in the other and wiping my blurry eyes of my own grief to see through my pain and be there for all my other fav people who have equally crushed hearts #myheart #fyoucancer #sounfair

Best weekend in a long time!! Thank you beautiful ladies for all the laughs, my stomach hurts!!! @ourislandtribe @opihilove I love that we are embarking on this adventure together!! These two beauties are my business partners for the new store and we are hoping to be open end of oct. ish.. check us out and get updates @sun.days.hawaii Thank you @meilicoon for letting us celebrate you!! Love you all big!!! #bestbirthdaypartyeva #onedayatatime #stilllookingup #laughinisgoodforthesoul #soistequilaonceinawhile #wesogoodatselfies

Feeling this so much!! pain and suffering in this life is inevitable, and looks different for everyone.. but it will come to all of us in some shape or form. I am fighting so hard right now to stay positive and focused in my pain as i literally am learning how to walk again with a huge gapping hole in my heart!! All the while still trying to be a good wife to my man, and a good mamma to my other babies who also have gigantic broken hearts!! I will honor my baby by not wasting my pain and choosing to let it make me someone who loves more, cares more, serves more, is more compassionate to other people and still trusts in Gods plan even when its really hard!!!#iloveyouforevertruckerboy #forever3 #stilllookingup #LOVEbeatscancer #Truckerrideswithus

In the same way that nothing can ever prepare you for the immeasurable love of having a baby, nothing could ever prepare you for the intense heartache of loosing one. 💔💔💔a piece if my heart is literally missing until we meet again in heaven.. #stilllookingup #myheartaches
Im grateful for the hope i have in something so much greater than this
but i still have to learn how to live here without him.. #hardestthingihaveeverdone #fightingdepression #thestruggleisreal
This video was taken when i arrived in NY at the ronald mcdonald house after joshua had been there with him radiating his abdomen for a week. This was the longest period of time he went his whole short life without seeing me!! And the next week we found out he relapsed in his brain and had his first brain surgery.. #missingmyneckhugs
The unfairness of it all is kicking my butt hard this week.. thank you for continuing to pray for my smashed heart!! #forever3 #Truckerrideswithus He deserved more than 4% and better less toxic treatments!!!!#neuroblastomaawareness

Oh how my heart longs for this. We went through so much together, i was his safe place, and he slept on me everywhere we were. He was such a snuggle bug!!❤️💔 how could he have been so perfect on the outside and his body rotten on the inside..#myheartwillneverbethesame #onedayatatime I met an an another amazing mamma in NY who wrote a book about her sons fight with Neurblastoma and I could not have put this better.. The book is on amazon and is called lessons from my sons tattoo. I cried almost the whole book reading as I know all to well all she talks about, the fear, anxiety, holding out for some good news and not getting it, the doctors, the angel nurses, the life in NY away from your family and living at the ronald mcdonald house, but also the love and support they recieved and the courage they had to have!! I am so so blessed by your words @carynfranca Thank you for takimg the time to put your heart on paper!!❤️she was one of the original members of the band of parents who started as just a bunch of parents wanting better treatment for their babies and have now funded several new trials mainly at sloan kettering. I am honored to be a small part of what they do.. this is an excerpt from her book which perfectly
up my life right now she says "I had a drawn a line emotionally. On one side was the day to day life that we lived. On the other side there was a place i had come to name the dwelling place. It was a place i could fall into head first and remain for hours-with energy drained and pools of tears overflowing from eyes. Images of my beautiful boy in his last two weeks haunted me. Picking up the pieces, Moving on, and just loving life after loosing a child is a full time job. Its like an inner dance done between the noise and bustle of what appears to be a normal life. No one knows the hidden turmoil that stirs like a tornado in your stomach. No one sees how far you push to not fall into the dwelling place-to remain out in the functioning world."

Im pretty sure I won the kid lottery cuz they are all pretty amazing!! This big hearted, big smiley, fish slaying, handsome, little surfer grom turns 10 today!! Love you all the way to Trucker and back my amazing boy!! ❤️❤️❤️Im so so proud of you!!! #happybirthdayweek
#myheart #ifonlyicouldslowdowntime #myheart #happiestbirthday

This little kind hearted, animal loving, picture taking, artistic, selfless beauty turns 12 today. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said mamma i dont need anything lets randomly bless someone today.. Indiana Nahoa Daisy Dukes you are one amazing human and I am so so blessed to be your mamma!! Happy Birthday baby!!❤️❤️❤️#ifonlyicouldslowdowntime #myheart #happiestbirthday #Truckerrideswithus

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