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Shauna Dukes  Our youngest of four, Baby Trucker, is in heaven. Our hearts are heavy but we have peace. #truckerrideswithus


Indi's idea of a good time!! ❤️😊❤️Getting burried in sand with her fur buddy!! #daisyrocks #onedayatatime #beachlifeisgoodforthesoul

NYC you feel like home. But man we are missing this little guy something fierce!!💔❤️💔 #shakasfromheaven #onedayatatime #missingmyopihi #myheartsmiles #forever3

How blessed i am to live this crazy life with this handsome man by my side. ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Fathers Day Joshua!! Im so proud to be your wife!! #imarriedup #onedayatatime #makeitcount #inittowinit #myheartsmiles #myhunkofburninglove @trucker_boy_dukes #bestdaddyever

You. Your face. Your smile. Your silliness. Your love. Your touch. Your kisses. Your random songs. Your voice. Your crazy faces. Your cheeks. Your eyes. Your big personality. Your little hands. I miss everything about you.💔💔💔 #sharedachinghearts #onedayatatime Yes we are creating great new memories with our other children and thats a huge blessing #theyneedittoo but please don't ever confuse that with getting over it or moving on. Thats not what happens. There is a part of us that will never be over it. The truth is I cry a lot and actually i will say that this has birthed a new cry in us. I never knew what was weeping was before the pain of this. All my life i have just cried, and now i weep from my soul, often. #imisshimsomuchithurts Not without hope that i will see him again or that God has a bigger plan in all of this. Thats real and I am so grateful for that. #stilltrustingGod But there is this part of grief thats so messy and complicated and there is no way around it. #stickyfeetandwingsatthesametime You just have to figure out how to live with it. #griefisajourney a good friend told me once that it never gets easier it just gets more normal, and i reckon thats its exactly it, and if it didnt get more normal it would be so hard to still live. Im learning that i can still choose joy, and life, and love even with the greatest heartache I have ever known. # thankyouJesus #donttakelifeforgranted #makeitcount #forever3 #LOVEbeatscancer @trucker_boy_dukes

Call me crazy but we heard once that when you have little orbs in photos that its spirits!! In all the photos i have and thats over 15,000 just on my phone why have orbs just started showing up since this trip?!? #ihaveseveral #truckerrideswithus Not a day goes by when i dont think of him first thing when i wake, all day long, and wish he was physically with us still, but i feel his presence with us even so. #trustingGodsplan Some days are harder than others for sure and grief can be so so lonely because its a different experience for all of us but we are grateful to be together, making new memories and randomly blessing people in Trucker boys honor!! #onedayatatime #truckerboyslegacy #loveharder #donttakelifeforgranted #makeitcount #choosingjoyevenwhenitshard #forever3 #TruckerRidesWithUs @trucker_boy_dukes

I will never stop missing you, remembering you, loving you, or honoring your short life!! ❤💔❤#choosingjoy #inlightofeternity #onedayatatime #missingmyopihi #forever3 #TruckerRidesWithUs

Forever missing 1!!!💔❤💔#forever3
Today Im choosing to be grateful for the time we had with him over the time I feel like we are missing!! I just really miss my opihi!!! #choosingjoyevenwhenitshard #griefisstickyfeetandwings #onedayatatime #TruckerRidesWithUs

People keep asking how we are doing..Honestly? Some moments and days even we feel okay, and some we dont know how we are going to get through. We are forever missing one!!💔❤💔 A good friend told me recently that grief is sticky, like our feet are stuck to ground and it pulls us down, but with the hope we have of something so much better than just whats here its like we also wings!! YES!! Sticky feet and wings at the same time perfectly sums it up!!!❤❤❤ one thing for sure though is how much Trucker boy and our family are loved!! And somehow it makes the sadness of him not being here a little better!! #LOVEbeatscancer #onedayatatime #forever3 #missingmybaby #choosingjoyevenwhenitshard #TruckerRidesWithUs

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