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Moved to the beach exactly a year ago today... which means that for a year two of the most incompetent people in America have been roommates and have only almost burnt our home down 2 times (which is a pretty solid day to almost house burn down ratio). #CanYouFeelTheLoveFromThis? #ThxForNotHatingMeYet #MovedForTheDolphins #StayedForTheKristieQuotes #FrIeNdShIp @kingkristiee Also just found a app that takes your Live Photos and turns them into a movie (thanks @laissalang ) which is cool bc now you can see the add movement that causes all the pics I'm in to be blurry...

Yesterday EFFEN rocked #Peaked #GetIt? #EffenTent

Hanging with the Sistaz at da zoo in da Lou #SprryForTheSnaps #NotReallyThough #HaveYouEverGotDrunkAtTheZoo

*when we announce you walk in and do something fun*

Thought the fake fall/fake help up would be funny and original from typical wedding party entrances... instead the entire room gasps and goes silent... and asks me all night if I'm ok/why he didn't help me up... people did not get the joke..

Lunch with the best person on earth (center) and worst person on earth (right)

Childhood life plans: I was going to train dolphins, @margaretnisbet was going to train killer whales, and @lib_nisbet... Libby was going to train sea turtles.... #LibbyAlwaysGotTheShortEndOfTheStick #HahahaPoorLittleLibby #PleaseComeBackSoonSummer

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