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Maudie Nisbet  Bringing humanity's average down since '92

Action shot of me working my 9-5 #NeverGrowingUp #SorryMomAndDad

Sunday scaries hitting me as hard as these waves this Monday #RedFlagDaysRock

This is a picture of me at work. #ByTheEndOfTheSummerIAmGoingToBeADifferentRaceIThink

"I will hurdle the line of scrimmage." @lib_nisbet (View video on fb to see quote happen...) #OverlyCompetitiveEggHunt #LimpPeaceSignsForJesus #AndTheEasterBunny

Wish I was spending this (should be) national holiday in the land of St. Louis Bread Co (not Panera), listening to Nelly, eating travs, Imos, Ted Drews, pork steaks, gooey butter cake, and Fitzs, while riding a clydesdale down the Arch into a pool of Budweiser products but landing on Stan Kroenke (hurting him, not killing him)... then watching the Cardinals play at Busch where I ask everyone around me where they went to high school. #DidIForgetAnyThing? #FeelFreeToAddInCommentsIfIDid #TbToSimplerTimesAndCottonCandy #WooooBaseballIsBackBeyotches #ShoutOutToSTLHumidityForTheHairStyle

Moved to the beach exactly a year ago today... which means that for a year two of the most incompetent people in America have been roommates and have only almost burnt our home down 2 times (which is a pretty solid day to almost house burn down ratio). #CanYouFeelTheLoveFromThis? #ThxForNotHatingMeYet #MovedForTheDolphins #StayedForTheKristieQuotes #FrIeNdShIp @kingkristiee Also just found a app that takes your Live Photos and turns them into a movie (thanks @laissalang ) which is cool bc now you can see the add movement that causes all the pics I'm in to be blurry...

Yesterday EFFEN rocked #Peaked #GetIt? #EffenTent

Hanging with the Sistaz at da zoo in da Lou #SprryForTheSnaps #NotReallyThough #HaveYouEverGotDrunkAtTheZoo

*when we announce you walk in and do something fun*

Thought the fake fall/fake help up would be funny and original from typical wedding party entrances... instead the entire room gasps and goes silent... and asks me all night if I'm ok/why he didn't help me up... people did not get the joke..

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