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Quiet times.

I love you.

I am sending so much love and warmth and light out into the world.

I am with you in love.

You'll always be my wild rose.

You're beautiful.

Every day you open yourself. You bloom. You unfurl.
Believe me - when you bloom, the world lights up.

You need to be kind to yourself. You need to let yourself bloom in whatever way your blooming comes to you.

Please be kind to yourself.

Gosh, I love you all. Sending so much love out today.

We are strong and courageous. We are delicate and soft.

We can be both delicate and strong. We can allow both the softness and the strength to have their ways with us.

Do not fear your softness, brave birds. Let softness open your mouth to speak and let softness cradle your body when you are hurting.

There is a great deal of hurting, and sadness in the world. I wish I could hold your hands and share my softness with you.

I will always be here, reaching out with love. I'd like to send out some postcards, too, if anyone needs soft words to read.

Send your physical address to bravebirdwork[at]gmail[.]com and I will send you my softness and my strength.

I love you.

Photo by: @helloprettycity

I hope all of your journeys today are soft, and tender, and full of hope.



3. (Of fire, color, or light) become radiant and glowing.

I hope today your heart blooms.

My heart is blooming with yours.

"Not knowing when the Dawn will come

I open every Door" - Emily Dickinson

Let's open the door, every door, each day with love, with hope, and with kindness. None of these are ever wasted.

Dear heart, be kind and gentle with the joys and the fears when they come to you. And when they ask to leave you, allow yourself to be soft, and let them go.


And release.

We will carry our courage with us.

Be strong, brave birds.

I have been feeling a great deal of fear and anxiety and self-doubt.

I held this little bird in my hand and he looked brave and capable and I began to cry because so very often I feel neither of those things.

But then I took deep breaths. I closed my eyes. I felt his little paper feet against my palm.

Be strong, said the little bird. Be brave. Be gentle. Be soft.

It is all right to be afraid. You can be afraid and still be very, very brave.
You can be unhappy and still be worthy.

You can feel lost and still find your way.

As ever, I love all you brave birds very much.

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