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We will carry our courage with us.

Be strong, brave birds.

I have been feeling a great deal of fear and anxiety and self-doubt.

I held this little bird in my hand and he looked brave and capable and I began to cry because so very often I feel neither of those things.

But then I took deep breaths. I closed my eyes. I felt his little paper feet against my palm.

Be strong, said the little bird. Be brave. Be gentle. Be soft.

It is all right to be afraid. You can be afraid and still be very, very brave.
You can be unhappy and still be worthy.

You can feel lost and still find your way.

As ever, I love all you brave birds very much.

Measure the day with love.

I love you.

Little friend,

may the world smile on you.

The castaways.

We will keep searching.

The roses are speaking.

Keep going forward, dear brave birds.

I know it can be hard. I know it IS hard. We are buffeted by such waves. Sometimes we become submerged.

I know. I do. Sometimes the unknown sadness becomes so large it begins to live and blossom inside me.

But we must remember that we are not only surrounded by waves - we are the waves as well. We are filled with such waves as the world needs.

Waves of love.

Waves of kindness.

Waves of hope.

Waves of softness.

Waves of strength.

We are the waves.

Learning to speak and to see.

I love you, dear hearts.

Cutting up old recycled magazine pages to make feathery friends.

Love you, brave birds. 🕊

Unfurl into joy.

I know we often find ourselves unfurling with sadness, or anxiety.

It takes bravery, hope and great trust to unfurl into joy and happiness.

May we unfurl into joy together - slowly, tenderly, lovingly.

Listen. Just listen.

I know there are reasons you and I both ache.

But listen. Just listen. I will listen too.

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