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Unfurl into joy.

I know we often find ourselves unfurling with sadness, or anxiety.

It takes bravery, hope and great trust to unfurl into joy and happiness.

May we unfurl into joy together - slowly, tenderly, lovingly.

Listen. Just listen.

I know there are reasons you and I both ache.

But listen. Just listen. I will listen too.

We are always becoming, always in process. There will never come a time when we cannot learn and discover something newly beautiful and valuable within ourselves.

Like this in progress elephant we are coming into being every day. Let us be good to each other, let us be kind, let us be loving.

Love grows.

It is always growing.

Keep blooming, dear hearts. Always keep blooming.

I love you all so dearly.

You are a part of me and I am so glad of this. There is a tender unfurling, a welcoming ache in my heart to know that I am connected to you.

May my love reach you. May it greet you, sit with you, hold your hand if your hand needs holding.

Please do not doubt that you are loved. My love is here for you whenever you need it. My love won't run out. It is patient. It does NOT judge.

You are brave. You are MY brave birds.

Rise up, my darlings.

Kindness is never wasted.

I love you.

Let us give beauty to the world.

Let us send out what kindness and light we can.

Let us breathe love with every word.

Today, may we soar. Sisters, UNITE.

Words for 1.20.2017:

Today, may we find the courage to carry on. 'Carry on' is a beautiful idiom that bears reflection.

Carry on.

But what will we carry?

May we find a small and comfortable bag to carry.

May we find a corner inside to pack hope.

May we place kindness beside it.

May we wrap strength carefully so it is not damaged and place it beside our kindness.

May we coax forgiveness gently into our bag.

May we fill the rest of our bag with love.

Now we are ready.

Let us each pick up our bags and carry them on.

I love you.

I've been feeling very emotional today and this last week. I've felt a lot of sadness and grief. This is the three year anniversary of the day I was attacked, and it is startling, and frustrating to know that it can still affect me this way.

I've felt guilty the last few days, guilty over my sadness and my unreasonable fears for my safety in my perfectly safe house and neighborhood. I've worried that since I am so safe here and so beloved I have no right to my feelings.

Please, my loves, please let yourself feel what you need to. You are so precious, so loved, so valued. Everything you are, everything you feel, EVERYTHING is important and worthy.

Let your heart ache, if it needs to. There is no guilt. There is nothing to apologize for.

I love you.

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