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NOYES  you can get to know me through my music honey 🍯

Everyone STOP, think of someone you love dearly very much, think of something small and sweet you could do to make their day brighter, now go do it ❤️ // photo by @betawave_media_group

I love u Instagram but I hope Instagram breaks down more often so people can go get a life and live without it!!!! Same goes for me!!! It was kinda nice not wanting to check my phone every 2 seconds. Also I didn’t see any of the butterflies in Cali that everyone is talking about :( Also my hands get dry when I hold my phone too much!!! Anyone else? Okay that’s all for now, luv u 💕🦋 #socialexperiment

I’m a weirdo. Thank you to everyone who took the time to watch the mini doc. You guys have been so good & patient with me through the years & I wanted to make something for the true ones. ❤️ I know 10 minutes out of the day can seem like a lot in our busy lives but I thank you for taking the time. It means EVERYTHING to me 🧚‍♀️ xo link in bio // photo @nilafaith // doc- @zeekyparis

In honor of national women’s day I wanted to share something I’ve been working on since ”love songs from a Lolita” dropped. I I’m not always good at showing who I really am over social media because it’s something I try to do in my actions daily to the close loved ones around me, and as much as I love it I also hate it because what it can do to our minds and the time we spend on it. But, I hope this video I’ve been working on will give you a glimpse of who I am. all I want is to strive to be the most honest, loving woman I can be. Through the ups and downs, women’s body positivity, and so much more... Lots has changed in the past 6 months, I have an artist heart, I care too much what others think & ive let things crush me... I can feel demons wanting to stop me, from where I’m trying to go
I’ve felt it before and it’s easy to get swept up in the self pity, self doubt, and comparisons
I can feel myself slipping sometimes
But I can’t let them win
It’s so easy to give in and give up
But I can’t let myself down
I made a promise when I was fearless and young
God let me find the fire again
Let me be the inner child
Not the shell around her that’s grown so numb and hard to crack
Crack me wide open I’m ready to fly
I want to be nothing but genuinely happy for everyone and not judge others or worry about what they’re doing with their lives, but focus on what I’m doing in mine. I work towards this goal everyday.
I never want to lose my open heart just because so many have crushed it in the past.
I will give it everything because music never gave up on me, people in the world did
Now I have to fight harder than ever For my artistry, my well being, my life.
My guts always right and I’ve learned more lessons these past five years than ever before... I will give more of myself than I ever have.
I will be stronger for myself than I ever have.
Even if I fail at least I will have stuck to my vision that is 100% me.
It can be so confusing but
16 to now 21,
In a lot of ways this feels like a new beginning, the end of an era. I’m thankful & ready to be 100% me. Enjoy. Xo ❤️ link in bio video by @zeekyparis

Letting my hair grow out ❤️

New friends has been out for 2 weeks & some change & has over 1 million views with no promotion... wow. I’m humbled & so thankful. I owe it all to the amazing director @ianmichaelrowe & the amazing team of people he brought along with him. THANK YOU. 💜 #newfriends

I didn’t grow up to have rules 🧚‍♀️

comment below if you’ve watched the new friends music video 🥰🤗🔪💕

have you got to see me living my best life yet in the new friends music vid yet??? 🔪💕 I’m doing a livestream at 6 California time to watch it together & talk about our feelings 🧚‍♀️


Guysss I feel like it’s not real I’ve waited so long someone pinch me new friends music video is coming out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! 🔪💕

FR this time!!!! Tomorrow 🔪💕 #newfriends

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