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Taking a quick stop for a selfie snack in Zurich, Switzerland before heading to the main course: Cairo, Egypt🇪🇬

Wow...I saw 11:11 again on my GPS' estimated arrival time this morning on the way to my grandpa's! This is already the second time in the past 2 days! God has got something really good planned for me and I'm 100% ready to recieve it!

🇲🇽🇰🇷Forever together #familia #chingoo

Anyone take a whiff of their upper lip like the child above right before going on a hot date especially when you didn't make the time to brush your teeth? Always do a hygiene check before leaving your doorstep. God designed us to stay away from cooties!

I saw 11:11 on my mom's phone this morning at first glance. God has sent one of his angels to guide me. Good things are coming and I am 100% ready to own them.

Ayahuasca continues to call my name. Shall I go lose my mind again?

Pain is the only real thing that wakes you up from this dream called life.

The time is near...

Can someone take me to the airport this weekend? I'll give you a brand new, unopened echo dot (Alexa) for your service.

Her name is Praline and she melts my heart

Remember when Ariel lost her voice in the Little Mermaid film? Yeah...that's what I've been experiencing lately when I talk to girls due to my throat injury. I've never gotten so many: 'What? What did you say? Huh...?' in my life since grade school. Stay safe, kids...

I just got back in the gym today after taking 17 days off. I didn't feel like superman or anything but I got through it nonetheless. I want to get a solid week of lifting in before heading to Egypt so I don't atrophy too much. Hopefully, when I come back next month, I'll be ready to get back in the game.

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