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Matt Gauci  35 year old male from Newfoundland, Canada. Fitness is one of my greatest passions. So is my family.. "Can't rain all the time" Brandon Lee, The Crow

dad's little man ❀

at the Bar Saturday Morning... rowing away πŸ’ͺ


Shout out to my man @dripaddictjuice , @adubs187, Andrew Wilkins. This is his vaping business in which he helps people quit smoking and provide an alternative which is scientifically proven to be 95-99% safer then smoking. I smoked for 19 years before quiting a couple years ago. All thanks to to Andrew and his products. So if you or a loved one needs to make the change to live a healthier lifestyle, look my man up on Facebook or

#truth 😊

Fitness for the day. Tough 10k hike in 2 hrs on the east coast trail. Loving new beginnings and fitness this summer. 2500 Cal's burned. #fitfam, #gymrats, #summerfitness, #cavedogsupplements

Starting to shred some weight after some serious gains... Arms and lats program is really working... Time to shred for a trip in near future... Always love camp gym when I have it to myself.
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Well it's been two weeks into my new year. Put on 14lbs of mass over Christmas... Been cutting some water weight as of late... Down 4lbs still feeling strong...Started working rotational work for my work term hence the beard. Long ass days but every evening loving my gym time before bed... #fitness , #fitfam, #camplife, #workterm, #newgoalsnewyear, #lifededication, #cavedogsupplements

Remembrance day pic someone sent me ☺

Great work out after a 2 day rest period... Weighed in at 173.8lbs this morning feeling fantastic.. 3.8lbs in 8 days... Hardest part is the final push... But it's the funnest part... Meet your goals, stay focused, and have fun doing it ... #fitfam, #gymlife , #gymrats , #34aintbad , #finalpush, #biothermallabs, #cavedogsupplements, #cremate

So after two weeks of hell... Ranging from copious amount of school work, technicalities, a break up, trying to find time to spend time with my daughter, and work with the reserves, im finally seeing the light at end of the tunnel. I was forced to a take a little break from my fitness for 4 days earlier last week. That might not seem like a lot to most, but for someone who has been training for almost 16 years, it's a lot when it's unexpected and you're following a program. To my surprise I was still under with regards to weight loss goal, lost 1.5 lbs. The time I had, allowed me to regroup , focus, and balance my life again. I have exactly two weeks till my 34th birthday. 6.5 lbs to lose, and reach a body fat percentage 7-9 %. November 30th is my goal date and like hell if I'm gonna give up on it. Chase it folks..set goals, be realistic, and by god go out fighting like a trooper to reach it.
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Few good lads on remembrance day... We will remember them πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Diet and training are dialed in... Reduced carbs to 40% daily intake, protein 40%, essential fats 20% from a 70/20/10 split. Set goals and exceed them. Put a date to your goals and soar to achieve them. My goal was to be at 7% body fat by November 30, 2016 which is my 34th birthday. I set this goal October 1st, 2016. Typically I would weigh in between 169-172 lbs at my goal. Weighing in at 176lbs now. I'm not far right now and I'm still striving to meet it.
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