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Matt Wismer  πŸ“²@skinnytableapp πŸ“§ ✈️MIAMI-LA-NJ

With @primeonetwelve legend and owner @mylesprime112 having an outstanding @skinnytableapp Approved meal ! #DINERESPONSIBLY

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thank you for putting up with me all these years hahaha! #momsday

Phenomenal night @skinnytableapp restaurant @naiyaramiami with the chef legend @beenaiya ! Missing @missreganhartley though #DINERESPONSIBLY

#tbt Boston with the pretty kitty @missreganhartley 😍#WCE

Machines or humans πŸ˜‚? Always exceptional getting involved with these two πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽@robsena43 @kristyna_chladkova #miamilife

Taking leg day outdoors on another exceptional Miami day @anatomyat1220 with a trifecta of barbell walking lunges , good mornings and traditional DL's! #ABSolutely

Phenomenal #Miami May Day for getting involved on the track:
πŸ”·10x100m Sprints 1:2 Work:Rest Ratio
πŸ”·4x200m Sprints 1:3
πŸ”·2x400m Sprints 1:3

#Diningresponsibly enjoying top quality food and impeccable service @geoffreysmalibu in the best company @missreganhartley !

Exceptional time as always meeting with our @skinnytableapp developer and king of AI technology @cdp73 @islandcreekoysters to discuss our vision for an enhanced dining experience.
Chris Poulin is the Principal Partner at Patterns and Predictions. He was recently Director of the non-profit Durkheim Project, a Big Data sponsored by the Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), in collaboration with the U.S. VA, and Facebook, Inc. Where Fast Company said "This may be the most vital use of big data
we've ever seen." Prior to this, he was Co-Director of the Dartmouth College Metalearning Working Group at Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering. Poulin
was co-author of the Patterns & Predictions software tool, a Bayesian classification and decision engine used in universities, as well as by industrial clients worldwide. Other research affiliations include University of Massachusetts in the area of high
performance computing (HPC). He was previously VP of Advanced Technology (R&D) for a commercial search entity, (Viziant) a provider of Search/KM for the U.S.
Military. Prior to this, Poulin held senior IT positions, including dot com/networking projects with Nortel Networks. Finally, he is a patent holding inventor in Federated
Web, Information Retrieval, and Predictive Analytics related systems. #SkinnyTable #DINERESPONSIBLY

#MissNewHampshire 2017 Finalist with my former Miss NH @missreganhartley ! Proud of you and the woman you've become . Congrats @laurenlpercy on becoming Miss New Hampshire 2017!

#Boston ⚾️

Thank you @missreganhartley for the exceptional b day dinner @ilgabbianorestaurant - I appreciate all you do ! #DINERESPONSIBLY #bday

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