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mattwertz  New episode of Curiosity Habit Podcast!👇🏻


I don’t have to tell you how great DC is. Unless, of course, you’ve never been there. It’s great. Seriously- just imagine being surrounded by grown-up StuCo kids from all over the country, 24-7. Like, StuCo EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. Sound like a good time? Why not take a little #MWRoadTrip, take advantage of those FREE MUSEUMS and while you’re at it, hit up my show at the ever-awesome @jamminjava on Nov 16?! Here’s some more ideas for while you’re there… (link to tix on the bio) 🚗💨

My guest on the @curiosityhabit podcast this week is my friend @barrettward. Barrett is the visionary behind the @mochaclub & @livefashionable and he's one of the smartest (and most hysterical) humans I know. You're gonna love our conversation on social entrepreneurship and how he's surrounded by women. Oh, and after you listen, head over to livefashionable.com and enjoy 20% OFF your order with the code Wertz20

The Pacific Northwest is quite possibly my favorite region in the U.S., and Seattle is a big part of why. Catch Seattle on a sunny day and you’re hooked for life. In addition to it’s natural beauty, Seattle also has some amazing food & shopping. Come catch me playing one of my favorite venues in America, @thetripledoor on 11/5 and spend the day (weekend?) taking in some of my fav places! (link to tix on the bio) #MWRoadtrip 🚗💨

There are only a couple of other cities in the U.S. that I could see myself living in besides Nashville, and Portland is one of them (Seattle is the other). I actually got to spend an entire month here earlier this year just so I could take it in more fully. The food & coffee scene here is rivaled only by the people-watching. Speaking of watching people, why not come watch ME on 11/4 when I play The Analog Cafe & Theatre? While you’re there, use this guide & check out some of my favorite spots!! (link to tix on the bio) #MWRoadtrip 🚗💨

I don’t know that there’s another city in America that feels as foreign and ‘other’ as San Francisco. The geography, cultural diversity, and rich history of this city set it apart as one of the most unique spots in the world, not to mention the U.S. I’m playing @docslabsf on 11/3 and you should take a trip to the bay area to catch it & use my #MWRoadTrip guide to plan your trip! (link to tix on the bio) 🚗💨

One of the great side effects of living in LA while I wrote and recorded Gun Shy is that the city began to feel familiar and (do i dare say) like HOME? I began to gravitate to a handful of places that I connected with and now I can’t wait to get back. These are a few of those favs. Why not take a trip to Los Angeles on 11/2 to see me play at the @thehotelcafe and use this guide to fill out your adventure!? See you there! (link to tix on the bio) 🚗💨#MWRoadTrip

When I was a kid, my family made the long trek across the endless state of Kansas to the promised-land of Colorado. My parents would always drive through the night, and Denver was the first sign of life after we awoke from sleep in the ‘way way back’ of the station wagon. It’s no wonder Denver holds so much excitement and promise for me, which has only continued to build as the city (and I) have grown up. I’m pumped to be playing the legendary @soileddoveco on Nov 1. Why not take a trip to Denver for the show and check out these spots while you’re at it!? (link to tix on the bio) #MWRoadTrip 🚗💨

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to rip him off, and yet, somehow never even came close. Sad to lose one of the greatest today.

This is a photograph of me hanging out in my super bad-a-treehouse-like loft (where I record my @curiosityhabit podcast). Just thought you should see it 👊🏻 📷: @lisadieder

Texas. Thank You. We are leaving you filled to the brim with gratitude and tacos. See you soon. 👌🏻🌮

When I was a senior in high school, I roadtripped up I-35 w/ best friend Carson to Minneapolis for the first time to visit some girls we'd crushed on at camp the summer before. While love wasn't in the cards for us, it began to form in me for the Twin Cities. Years later, I’d return to play music and realize what an incredibly active & supportive music scene lived here. All that to say- i’m SO GRATEFUL to be returning to play @thecedar on 10/22. Join me & make a weekend out of it w/this guide! #MWRoadTrip🚗💨

One of my favorite things about attending the University of Illinois was getting to visit Chicago and see it through the eyes of new friends who grew up there. It really is a magical city- filled with rich history, diverse and beautiful architecture, and INCREDIBLE FOOD! This was an impossible list to narrow down, but will get ya started when you make the trip to see me play @evanstonspace on 10/20! Tix at mattwertz.com! 🚗💨

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