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Matt Vines  Design, hotel and luxury brand strategy, communications and consulting. Based 50/50 Sydney and Europe. Currently in: New York

Dinner last night. Asparagus. Butter. Salt. I've never seen this variety of sizes and colours outside of Berlin. The locals get particularly excited about the big white ones - they are on every single menu and market stall for miles around. Asparagus season will be over when I get back to from the next trip, so that's my lot for another year.

Marketing plan. #rhubarbseason

Our Saturday nights in Berlin. Comte not nightclubs.

Hotel room with a hammock. That's a first. #1hotelbrooklynbridge room 907. Don't want to leave (this room or New York).

Late breakfast in Williamsburg with friends. New York fire escape obsession deepens.

Early morning Manhattan views from in bed @1hotels Brooklyn Bridge. #explore1hotels

Third hotel of the trip. The excellent new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. Very thoughtfully designed and eco friendly, plus, our room has a hammock in it. That's a first. @1hotels

Not in the shot, steaming coffee machines, stacks of newspapers (the New York Times), busy chefs, plates of eggs (done over easy), towers of pancakes and smiley waiters. Last breakfast @reynardnyc.

Tea crate delivery to the office (laptop in bed), every morning at the @wythehotel.

This bedroom and those windows are really making me wonder what I was thinking never coming to stay at the @wythehotel until now. (and anyone who can see me through those windows is probably wondering what I am thinking standing on my bed taking a photo of an empty chair). #welcometobrooklyn #rookie

Back in Berlin after 10 weeks away. I love the travel but I've missed our apartment. Especially on Sunday mornings.

A tiny calf only a few hours old, in amongst the bluebells. Tried to get a better photo, but his mum (who is normally very chilled - unless you are a dog, in which case you will be chased around / out of the field, in a very unchilled way) was lowering her head whilst maintaining eye contact and pawing the ground, which is cow for 'come any closer to my baby with that iPhone and I will take you fucking out'.

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