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Alistair enjoys seal. #kissfromarose

Happy Mother’s Day, @burkeatron! Alistair wuvs you!

This is my favorite picture of my two favorite mothers. This was taken before @burkeatron and I were married, before we had a son. It’s one of the few photos I have of the two of them together. I remember taking this from a distance and feeling so grateful. My wife has a lot of the best qualities of my mom and as mothers, both were/are so selfless and caring. Watching @burkeatron with my son has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I know Alistair will feel equally as lucky as I am to know he has a mother who loves him. Happy Mother’s Day, @burkeatron. Alistair and I both love you very much.

Received a google alert informing me that I’ll be appearing in Ryan Murphy’s new show. Not sure how this happened or why they put a comma in my name. Hollywood is crazy y’all and the internet!


Front yard shenanigans

4 in my #10albumsin10days thing. I moved to NYC on 9/6/01. I bought this album on like 9/8/01 maybe. The point is Neu! ‘75 is the soundtrack to my 9/11 experience. I had no tv at the time so I listened to 1010 WINS a lot, and then this record. Then that Tenacious D record came out a week later and I listened to that a lot.

The third of my #10albumsin10days thing. Papa M’s “Whatever, Mortal”. David Pajo is a brilliant guitar player and has played on many of my favorite albums ever, but this solo record is really great. I remember listening to this record a lot when I moved from NYC back home to Virginia to live with my parents. I was sad and drunk all the time. This record is sad and charming and awesome. It also includes a track called “Krusty” recorded with a Simpsons episode playing in the background. I wuv it. I nominate @matt_christovich if he wishes to participate.

Happy Birthday to the best wittle boy inda whole wode. Alistair turned two today and he entertained us all with this fucking drum solo! He’s a little early Genesis Phil Collins. This drum set only cost 7 dollars. Kids toys rule!

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