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Matt Boughton  So much self love, so much hate. Fuck these people; fuck this place. Iron Curtain.


Question: is my son the cutest or the absolute cutest?

But the candle burns alone; it guides us safely home.

Good on the heads up, Keller.

I was a dog on a short chain. Now there's no chain.

It is alive. (Enthusiasm brought to you by Dwight K Schrute)

And that's how you make a pedalboard for thirty bucks. 🤘🏼

This is my son, giroux. He's everything I dreamt he'd be. He's everything that people spoke into my life he'd be. He's sweet. He's funny. He's happy. He's smart. He feels and hurts and lives so well amidst all of it. He loves waffles and movies and hockey and donuts and aggressive music and hockey and fighting and making people laugh and hockey. He hates people that are mean and things that hurt him and losing privileges. He loves to punch me until I die and then kiss me to wake me up just to punch me immediately after again. He could do that shit forever. He loves to kiss you back wherever you just kissed him. I'd walk through the fire for him; I'd lay down in it. I burn for him. He's the perfect tiny mix of us along with a whole lot of himself. He's the greatest being I've ever known and I'm so lucky to know that we both feel we're each other's best friend.

I've come to the realization that no matter how hard I try, I'm only dying. You're only dying. You are dying. You, you're waking up to do this over again.

Last night, we got home and noticed that Giroux's newest fish died. He'd only gotten it a few days ago so we decided to tell him what happened. We sat him on the counter and explained that sometimes, things just die and we don't always know what caused it. I don't know what I expected out of a three year old but I knew I didn't want to just flush his fish and not give him the opportunity to understand it. I don't know if I regret that decision but I kind of fucking definitely might absolutely regret that decision. He was so hurt. We spent some time trying to comfort him but he was inconsolable. I know we can't shield him from life but god damnit, man, hearing him repeat "I just want my fishy back" through tears, for over an hour was fucking agonizing. It was brutal. So today, my dude got dinner choice and we're getting ice cream after.

In truth, in life, in death, in light and dark
Know, I will be where you are
In truth, in life, in death, in light and dark
I will be with you


The beach is love. The beach is life.

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