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Matt Sharkey  Pictures mostly of music, skateboarding and two wheeled fun. @bleachercritic for our little clubhouse of threads and baseball.


One gear. No brakes. Around mile 90 of 103. Over 50 miles with a headwind. Still cracking a grin. Only this dude.

The best of times with the greatest people. Between the years of 1996 and 2002 I had the privilege of briefly being the Team Manager for Powell, Santa Cruz and Consolidated. Each introduced me to friends I've had for 20 years and each experience was markedly different. The most meaningful thing I would take away from the differences was how much more memorable experiences become when you're forced to be resourceful and frugal. Powell and Santa Cruz obviously both had considerably larger budgets to work with. So on tours everyone got a bed at a decent hotel and rode around in a comfy van that was brand new. The things I remember from those tours are the people and the skateboarding. On Consolidated tours, I remember those things for sure...but most of all I remember the experience in total. We had enough money to get a hotel one night per week. 7+ guys in a room...the floor, under the sink, in the bathtub. You slept where you fell. The van might make it to the next town. Might not. If it breaks down, bring out the wrenches or put your thumb out. Sleep in the bottom of the bowl at the skatepark. On the beach. By the lake. In the woods. No tents. Under the stars. Sometimes under the rain. Drop the older guys off at the bar while I take the young bucks to go skate. Was the older dudes' job to find us a place to crash for the night. Come back close to 1:30am, no accommodations secured, just 4-5 drunk dudes climbing back into the van. Roll to 7-11 to get "dinner", the guy working recognizes AP, asks what we're up to, offers his house up to us. Just have to wait til he gets done with his shift at 3am and then follow him while he pedals his bike three miles to his house. Countless things happened like this on a daily basis. When confronted with fewer resources, you will create an untold number of memories and you will live off of remembering those experiences for the rest of your days. Comfort from discomfort. More from less. Thank you fellas.

The greatest of all forms of transportation. Tunes by the incredibly talented @nikohlasfreitas. Who, after shooting for Thrasher for several years, shared with several of us at the end of a Santa Cruz tour that he was thinking of putting the camera back on the shelf and giving playing music a go. None of us even knew he could play an instrument. Turned out, he could play all of them. Thanks Nik. Thank you trains.

June 11th, 2015. Phoenix Theater. Petaluma, California. Neutral Milk Hotel plays their final show ever, three blocks from my house. A testament to who Tom Gaffey is and how special the Phoenix Theater is to Petaluma. The audio from the entire show can be found on the interweb. #35mm #tomgaffey #neutralmilkhotel

@tonykanal just saw your post from last night. Was going through boxes two weeks ago and found this. Taken the same day, I'm assuming. :)

Always inspiring to see friends chase their dreams and succeed. @bennygold in his first design studio above his first retail shop. 💪

Returning slides to their rightful owner (21 years later). Sorry for the lag, Lance.

Some can play music. Some can perform. Few can do both.

Let the good times roll... #kodakportra400

Don't allow the disposable nature of the social media times in which we're living to forget who and what we lost that day. Forever grateful of the first responders who live with the memory every single day. Love each other and always question your government. ❤️

Chasing sunsets with @chrsblck and @alanpetersen3 above the now famous Oroville Damn many suns ago. #E6

Feliz Cumpleaños to mi hermano @tommyguerrero!! And huge congrats to @frassox4.0 on the arrival of their new baby boy, Lemmy, who came into the world yesterday. 🙌 Tommy first picked up a bass inspired by how rad Lemmy made it look. I took this snapshot several years ago backstage at The Warfield.

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