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Matt Rife  Comedian/Actor/Person. Host of TRL on MTV & Wild N Out cast member. Twitter: @ItsMattRife SC: Rife9

About 10 months ago, at this mini golf course, my life changed forever... And i vowed that if i ever returned, I’d wear all of the colors.

Shake & Bake with @superbadvlad. There was a beginning to the video where he left me hanging on a fist-bump HAAAAARRDD. #RickeyBobby #CalNaughtonJr

When you’re so exhausted you get home and fall on the couch like one of the toys from Toy Story and Andy is walking in👀 Today marks 5 years of leaving Ohio and coming to LA..... what the fuck was i thinking?!😂🤦🏻‍♂️ best decision i ever made.

First love 🎤 #StandupComedy

Currently backstage at the #GoldenGlobes. Not as glamorous as it looks on TV. Kittens running wild and a loud Hispanic family upstairs, playing what i assume has to be Duck Duck Goose because it’s LOUD......AND there’s no fucking cinnamon raisin bread in my greenroom! Literally the only thing i requested🤦🏻‍♂️

Before y’all ask “what’s that in his ear?”... it’s an in-ear which allows someone to speak to you during live television and relay information. But i use it every day to get advice through my every day life. Who’s on the other end, talking me through my every move of my existence?............. it’s the big black dude from that video of him showering with Du-rag on, milly rocking and throwing a bar of soap off the wall and catching it one handed. (I’ll post the vid on my saved stories highlights on my profile) Because that is a man who is living life to the fullest, is the epitome of swagger, is everything i aspire to be, and i trust him with my life. 💯 #HesMyZodiacSign #NotAllHerosWearCapes

Rang in the new year the way i could’ve only dreamed. ❤️ If you know these exact bleachers, then maybe in 2018, you can “rule the school” too 🎊🎉#HopelesslyDevoted

Happy New Year to you, from myself & possibly the greatest gift I’ve ever received, this @vancityreynolds earring. 2018 is going to be insane and if dope ass celebrity faces are the new jewelry fad, I’m fucking IN! I hear Flavor Flav wears giant Betty White head on his chain now. #FuckARolexGetMeABillyBobThorntonFaceWatch #RyanReynolds #HappyNewYear

When the unedited “My Hitta” by YG comes on in the club, and your black friends give you the okay... 👌🏾😃🎶 #ThisIsAJokeBTW #SensitivePeopleRelax

If ya can’t grab your grandpas titty over Christmas break, are you really even family? And yeah, so what if he looks like Will Forte from “Last Man On Earth”? And so what if he recently broke a self-pleasuring sex toy i got him last year for Xmas? That’s how legends live! 🤘🏼#GrandpaSteve

Back home here in 1874, i mean...i mean, Ohio. With the woman who decided to get pregnant at the roller rink about 22 years ago. Idk if that’s how it happened, i just assume everyone in 1995 was roller skating with poofy windbreakers, with their junk out. Shit happens when you combine all those elements. And for that, thank you momma @april_rife ❤️🎄

Never hold back. If you really wanna fucken bump “Shake Ya Tailfeather” by Nelly, Diddy, and Murphy Lee (THA GODS)....you do that. And if she doesn’t love it, Spam her right on the forehead hard as shit, cuz she’s not the one for you fam. 💯 #RifeAdvice But if she does all the Brrrt and skrrrrts in “Gucci Gang’ by Lil Pump.... you gotta marry her. These are the rules.

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