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Matt Hoskins 

It is a strange coincidence that the other two thirds of my hivemind were born within days of each other (a year apart, but ignore that detail). Kari, living with you for two years was a joy and I miss you and Ninja every single day. Thank you for putting up with me and for being such a kind, thoughtful, occasional mess of a person (because you're way too milkshakey and I'd hate you if you were too perfect ❤️). I can't wait until the next time our trio is together. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are #sorrynotKari

She's probably spent the day thinking that the "Oh shit, happy birthday" text I sent her as we were watching the royal wedding this morning was all I was going to say, but ha! But honestly, what can I possibly say to tell you how much my friendship with Airyn Digman means to me? I drove 1200 miles in a car with a screaming cat with her to help her move. I wouldn't do that for just anyone. Over the last 4 years, she's been there for me through everything, the times I was amazing and the times I was a drunk mess (often both in the same evening). And I've been with her through the same. I can't imagine my life without this beautiful, smart, funny, rude, narcissist in it. I'm glad you were born, because the world, and more importantly, my life, is better for it. Though we're 1000 miles apart, know that I'm thinking of you as fondly as you were of that mac and cheese. Love you!

That "three hour delay on your flight out of Midway" look #thankgodforbeer #vacationisover #winterweathersucks

One last poolside selfie before I go back to the northern tundra #idontwanttogo #beard #bearsofinstagram #sunsoutgunsout #thisisnottheendofonedirection

Palm trees, pools, and red wine, what more could you want? #florida #wine #vacation #bliss #icouldgetusedtothis

My first attempt at Grandma K's famous red velvet cake! Happy birthday, Momma! #birthday #cake #NOTcreamcheesefrosting #love #delicious #atleastihopeso

Can we talk about how the lighting on the El is like...perfect for selfies that show off my new haircut? Leaving Chicago a new, better-looking, refreshed man #haircut #beard #selfie #thegentsplace #heyboys #singleaf

When you're drunk in the bathroom at the bar but your hair is on point #hair #beard #stoplightparty #vday #valentinesday #donthaveaman #dontwantaman

Just a Friday night watching our shows and drinking wine out of bougie new wine glasses #extra #oliviapope #wine #bingewatching

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