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Matt Miller  Skateboarding’s my thang

Yesterday’s baby steps 👶 📹 @darnshane

@visual just dropped some new new available now! Link in bio 🏔🌁🎞

#tb to skatin on Ocean 📹@timcisilino

Front blunt 📷 @stephenvanasco

Always a good time skating with my dude @jp_souza

The homie @brianhill415 sent me these clips from that time @chef_bradjohnson @jason_wussler brian and I went to Barcelona. This was my first time there and remember never wanting to go home. Yo @chef_bradjohnson where’s all those clips you instructed me to do😂

Sw 5 yo 📸 @stephenvanasco

Quick 🍒 hit 📱@sleepyleaf

Some morning inspo from my big bro! @welshington

Nollie front krook???🤷‍♂️😂 🎥 @joeybrezinski

Old school nose grind from yesterday 📷 @stephenvanasco

A couple new new’s coming out soon soon! @visual 🤗

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