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one bounce trip kaboom x dub cody😴❤️ // #flippingfeed

quadruple backflip // #flippingfeed

one bounce trip back landed ndb🌹also did trip kaboom to dub Cody landed ndb // @jordan__.lee @kaneflips @austinmcmahonn #flippingfeed

One bounce trip kaboom landed ndb😯💜 // this was so hard😂❤️ // #flippingfeed @jordan__.lee @kaneflips

quadruple frontflip ndb😳😱 // #flippingfeed

Trip back x trip kaboom ndb😁💜 // this was actually really easy😂❤️ // #flippingfeed #gymternet

Dub kaboom x trip kaboom ndb😮🧡 // I did it twice haha, I was gonna try to make it without a head scrape but I was too tired😕🌹

Trip kaboom x dub cody ndb🌹// #flippingfeed #gymternet

Chill🧡🥀 // I started to get my awareness back so I’ll be doing good stuff soon😁

First session in 10 weeks🙂💜 // did some really easy stuff coz my control was so bad😂🧡

5 0 0 0 // #flippingfeed

Well fuck...

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