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Matt McGorry  Maker of feels and procurer of LOLs. Activist and intersectional feminist. Bennett on #OrangeIsTheNewBlack and Asher on #HowToGetAwayWithMurder

Last week, I took my dad to his first protest ever (for the #TaxMarch demanding that Trump release his tax records). Continually grateful that my parents are humble, compassionate and willing to continue learning and growing. Today, my dad went to his second protest ever without me there to take him. :) And he brought a friend of his around the same age who hasn't been to a protest since college. I encourage all of you at home to get involved. If you feel overwhelmed and helpless about what is going on in our country, I PROMISE there is no way to feel better than showing up for the resistance. Even if that means watching less news, get out there and be a part of this necessary fight. We need you. There are organizations doing the work no matter where you live. Look up your local Black Lives Matter, Showing Up For Racial Justice, ,, etc. And don't forget that all of the great gains in this country have been made by people forcing their voices to be heard. Every voice matters. Your voice matters.

@bandanatraining and I going hard in the flex zone after he taught his bday class at @rumble_boxing ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOUUUU! And hiiiii @melboehms ! ❤️❤️❤️

Join me tonight at 6:30pm for the #Unmasked Tour : Free Screening of @MaskYouLiveIn @nyuskirball. It’s not too late to register: (link in bio too) #Unmasked

It's time to get away from the idea that men should be strong, hard, and unfeeling and that women need to be soft and maternal. Gender is a spectrum, not a binary system. Tomorrow night, join me, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and The Representation Project for the #Unmasked Tour : Free Screening of @MaskYouLiveIn @nyuskirball and panel. Register Here: (or link in bio) #Unmasked (and watch #maskyoulivein on Netflix if you can't make it in person!

At @dalimuseum in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Such beautiful pieces here. Also not proud that I *seriously* debated (for at least 10 minutes) putting a filter on my face despite the fact that it would put filters on the works of some of the most incredible artists who have ever lived (Dalí and Frida's). If only IG allowed me to put a filter on one of the photos in my series. I guess I'll have to settle for less shadowing on my face. Enjoy the art. I'm going to go consider my priorities.

Join me and @TheRepProject for a free screening of @maskyoulivein with Jennifer Siebel Newsom to talk about what it means “to be a man.” (4/19 in NYC) Register here (link in bio) #Unmasked

Thanks for the birthday wishes, my friends!!! 🕺🏻❤⚰️

Inspiring and thought-provoking read. Too often, us non-Indigenous folks get our info about Native Americans as filtered through many levels of media and bias. Got a lot out of reading thoughts from a diverse group of Native women directly from the source to hear thoughts on things like government, ceremony, womanhood, and traditional values. #McGReads

That look I give @brooksbrothers right before I give them a lap dance for their birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!!! ❤❤❤

Seriousness w @jackfalahee (Photo by @karlasouzaofficial ) #HTGAWM

Every person in my life knows this look on my face. I've also mastered the art of determining when someone is "done" with their meal by how they put down their utensils and their body posture. (Thanks for sharing @kendrick38 )

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