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Matthew McGinity  Former Archaeologist; Fermentation Enthusiast; Appreciator of Song; Advocate for Food; Gentleman-Explorer; Admirer of Mycological Aesthetics;

All those little straight filament looking bits? That’s the only hard part of a squid, the #gladius or quill. These were mostly likely from the extinct Order Belemnitida.
These fossils are all probably due to a marine landslide that buried millions of clams, mussels, and squid on top of each other all at once, under a layer of fine silt - ideal conditions for fossilization 🤓

PRRO fossil hunters

People Of The River Referrals Office team building day up in the fossil beds of West Harrison.

Too many eggs whites = punk AF #angelfoodcake pan #DIY

Aaaaaand canned! #ploughmanspickle

#PloughmansPickle because harvest season = pickling season

Alton Brown’s aged #eggnog

Rain’s back. Time to put some love into #mydaytons

(Sorry non-brewers, this does look gross). Experimenting with wet hopping a hazy NEIPA, which relies on yeast-hop interaction. I cannot get over how perfectly the yeast has encased these cones! Bizarre! #wethop #neipa #homebrew

Cute fam! 👨‍👩‍👧

It’s baby Lee!

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