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Maddison Dorminey  {she•believed•she•could•so•she•did}

Lovin my new desk accessories. Matt made one and I made the other! #designsbymaddisonlee

Just missing Matt. Happy first day of school little ones!

Y’all! I just had the best drive up experience at @target. Before I could even pull in the parking spot the guy was walking out with my order. This is a free service that they offer. I was literally in the parking lot for two seconds. If you have kids and don’t want to unload them to go inside for one item, take advantage of this service. Amazing! #target #targetdriveup #targetdoesitagain #ilovetarget #targetshouldpartnerwithmeandmynewbusiness #itscoming

And this little fella. 😍

I love this woman!

Celebrating the birthday girl. #princessica

I should be highly entertained at this dinner. 😂 I’ve already had to tell them to quiet it down we were being too loud.

Got to love on this squishy little thing this afternoon, He is such a blessing to many. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do with his little life. Hudson, you are so loved!

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind. This man has been so supportive during this time. He’s has been so patient with me, prayed for me, been a shoulder to cry on and spoke the truth in love. I’m so thankful for him! #mattison

These friends make life worth living for. 😍

Darci Lynne with these friends. 😍😍😍

Date night with my boo thing. #mattison #muchneeded

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