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Swing antics

Bottom #workbench shelf in cheap pine. #woodworking

.@melodylumpkin posted the “after” report today about how well the Robot Nanny (aka Artificial Pancreas aka Loop) is managing Hazel’s diabetes care.
But when you look at it next to three days from the week before we set it up, the contrast is stark.

This is one of the many reasons it doesn’t make sense to wait for large companies and health systems to catch up to what automation can do now. The clinical outcome improvements are apparent within days. #diypancreas #t1d #wearenotwaiting

I asked my oldest when she has science class next and she pulled these out of her pocket.

They started rotating schedule that’s different most days of the week this year and this brilliant, purely visual pneumonic is her solution to keeping track.
Sometimes it’s scary how much your kids are in your own head.

Office still life

Baby added for scale #workbench #woodworking

In the interest of transparency and learning, here’s my hall of shame for this #workbench project. Lots of open shoulders despite the drawbore pegs (I should have offset them 1/8 instead of 1/16”, one huge mismeasurement on the front stretcher and one leg about 3/8” too short. But despite all this I’m really happy with how it came together. And it is solid. #woodworking

All glued up. Finally. There was a lot of wrestling the back legs and stretchers into place. And a lot of banging the whole weight of the bench on the one difficult leg. The joints were tight but I always underestimate how much more friction glue adds. #workbench #woodworking

I showed Hazel my diagram sketches and she prefers this one.

DIY pancreas day 4: a lot of you have expressed interest in understanding a bit more about how the system works. It’s complicated but here’s a diagram.

And to be clear I did not make any of this tech. I’m benefitting from the work of other parents who decided not to wait to make their kids’ lives better. #werenotwaiting #diypancreas

Day 3 DIY Artificial Pancreas System Build:
The top graph is our last 24 hour’s. Our preferred range for her is 80-120.
I wanted our first 24 hour’s on #loop to be a nice gentle line floating between our preset values. But there’s still a learning curve even to using this tool well. In part this is due to using s mix of open and closed loop settings while exploring how but handles different scenarios. And there may have been some mis-calculated goldfish around 4:30.
But overall the number one thing it does it just watch the levels and tune the regular small doses of insulin she gets through the day in response to how her blood sugar is trending and how many carbs she’s eaten and how much active insulin she already has in her.
In short it does what we’ve learned to do only every 5 minutes. All day. All night. When you are at the pony rides or talking with your friends. It’s doing it.

We still feel the intense need to have an ambient awareness of her blood glucose but it’s nice to know someone else is watching it too. And turning the insulin up and down as needed.
#diypancreas #werenotwaiting #t1d

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