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This low quality picture commemorates the high quality month of April that James spent on my couch! I told him if he wants to impersonate me for the summer he can literally have my room, car, and job as I go to Korea.
The only catch is he needs to grow out a dope stache! Convince him if you miss him!

Been learning a lot about the importance of attention lately, and how the mind’s natural state is to wander off and be lost in thought. But when focused, we are capable of acting so much more efficiently and I would say more happily.

I do not play this Chet Atkins style of guitar. But with the tutoring of @bryangaydos a focused mind and a whole two hours, I finally carved the neural pathways to move my fingers correctly!! Put your phone down and be present!!

Earth, hands down top 3 favorite planet

@jamesbtw and I are looking to do a short road trip this April. Who’s in? And who can I come visit?

The best part about this trip was the people. No doubt. Good people make anywhere a good trip

How I feel about being back in NJ. Thanks for the good times amigo @corey.wademan

Too many kooks in St. Aug

Convinced my best friend and all of New York City that these glasses are real
Corey was holding the camera and hit the shutter so idk who gets photo creds

By far many of my fondest silliest memories were made in my kitchen with my friends. If you know me, you know I love sitting talking at a kitchen table. This was when Sully asked us to give him a haircut

This post will get some hate BUT i’ve taken my personal practice of objectivity to a whole new level today as I finally made the judgement that the NEW QUICKCHECKS surpass wawa. They have better coffee, more choices, better quality choices, and better prices. The staffs are also quite friendly. Before you react, go to a fresh new Quickcheck with open eyes and an open mind and be ready to be impressed. That’s all

Getting ready to move out and start life makes every last moment at home pretty special. Ben’s from England and always says how he wish he could have grown up here and gone to an American high school like in the movies. When someone from Brick tweets that this town sucks and there’s nothing to do, I feel bad for them. We’re lucky to have grown up at the shore

66 degrees tomorrow @jesse.mcmahon and I going hiking who’s comin text or dm me 🤞🏼

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