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Happy birthday Sully you're like the son I never had. I never knew how many photos I have of you. weird

Out of all the changes going on in the world the increase of backyard concerts in brick town is my favorite
shoutout to @okkmeg and @dowder_ for the good time

Stay dry

I wanna get a shot slack lining underneath the pier at sunrise tomorrow let me know if you wanna come

Disappointed the weather for tuesday made us call off a three day camping trip. At least I was awake to see 🌅

In honor of celebrando con los colombianos esta noche

Had a blast shooting art statues i mean sculptures! These things are so life like it's actually kind of scary

Celebrated summer solstice gettin a little wild today

Surfing and waking up early are probably the two things i'm worst at. Good for you guys

Hmu if you wanna not suck at slacklining too @lynstagram__

Sully wanted to go hiking Thursday but he had work at 4:30, so you know what Sully did? He left at 1:00am hiked a mountain got back at 2:30 took a power nap and grinded out a shift at work. Be more like Sull

Woke up at 1:00 in the morning to drive three hours and get up to the ledge for sunrise. Haven't shot in such amazing light in so long

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