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Celebrated summer solstice gettin a little wild today

Surfing and waking up early are probably the two things i'm worst at. Good for you guys

Hmu if you wanna not suck at slacklining too @lynstagram__

Sully wanted to go hiking Thursday but he had work at 4:30, so you know what Sully did? He left at 1:00am hiked a mountain got back at 2:30 took a power nap and grinded out a shift at work. Be more like Sull

Woke up at 1:00 in the morning to drive three hours and get up to the ledge for sunrise. Haven't shot in such amazing light in so long

Going to plan out my whole summer this week of all the camping and exploring i want to do. hit me up if you have suggestions or if you want to join for anything!! i feel like if i make a calendar it'll be a sure way to make cool stuff happen so let me know 😝

Summer got here just in time. ps shout to zak for sending so much stoke in the pic

Thank you to all you beautiful people who made the past two days so great I really haven't felt so loved in a while. No idea what i'll be doing in even three months from now but I'm stoked for whatever it is

Photography is cool because it can be such a gift to people. I was on my way home from work and saw the sky was looking crazy so i pulled over to forge pond and took some shots. there was a young father fishing with his daughter and i asked if i can shoot them. i got some sweet shots and sent it to them and they were stoked! it was completely free for the both us and hopefully i gave them a cool memory. that's all

Happy graduation dzugan and sull and corey i mean woj. let's hang

Hello everyone this klean kanteen has gone missing I don't know where i've left it. It was given to me by a very good friend (or she left it in my car by accident) but it's very important it's my favorite way to carry green tea so any information that leads to it's being found will be rewarded!!

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