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Mattie Rogers 🍰  Team USA Weightlifting (69kg)🇺🇸 22. FL //You must sacrifice yourself in order to achieve greatness\\

forever amazed & inspired by you 🖤 and more proud of you every day.

tastes pretty good

Last set of some moderately heavy jerk doubles to end the second session today. 130kg/286lbs x 2. Body weight at 67.8 this morning, so slowly creepin back up thanks to @rpstrength :,) “MATTIE10” for templates

First time doing a full snatch & clean and jerk workout in the same session and MANNN those heavier (and by heavier I mean like 70% on LOLOLOL) clean and jerks felt ROUGH. It’s one thing to do singles the whole way up, but a whole different game when there’s heavy doubles n things along the way. Snatches were much smoother today though. Time to get into the groove of doing heavy both for Pan Ams!

- Put on a show - -
@2poodperformance “MATTIE10”

C+J doubles today. Felt nice to get into some heavier stuff after some pretty good technical work :) @rehband

Not a lot was moving right & a whole lot was hurtin today, but survived none the less. Relatively heavy doubles & a couple heavy singles at the end. The goal is always to try and really focus in on technique & make everything slightly closer to perfect everyday all while trying to get stronger, but some days when empty bar feels heavy, not dying is hard enough. 2 pretty trash sessions today, but 6 more sessions this week to try and be better. @romwod @eleikosport

1 min rest between sets is not enough time, that is all. #intervalspls @xendurance

Snatches & clean and jerks on intervals first thing this morning. Was DEFINITELY not feeling great (or like lifting at all tbh) but survived pretty ok :,) Hands have been wrecked lately which make the pull really fucking hard (yes I take care of them, yes I was a gymnast for 12 years I know all the little tricks, 8 sessions per week just does not allow for a lot of healing time once your whole palm shreds off) so I would say cleans were not toooo baddddd compared to recent ones all things considered! Squats & jerks later on in the afternoon. Excited to start to transition into heavier things!!! (hands let’s hold it together pls)

Haven’t done powers (outside of a complex) in a whiiiiiile, so it’s only right that I have waves and waves and waves of them right? Weird doing clean and jerks before snatches too, makes for some dead legs trying to stay above parallel. Body is feelin tired, BUT slowly getting stronger 🤘🏽 @eleikosport @rehband @2poodperformance

⚫️⚫️⚫️@xendurance ⚫️⚫️⚫️
Intra training necessities at home & while traveling: @xendurance Fuel 5/Fuel 5+ & chocolate protein. Carbs/protein during every training session as instructed by @rpstrength (MATTIE10) 😇 link to both in bio. #xendurance #rpstrength

1+2 intervals on a Friday morning for the first session, squats later in the afternoon. -
-“These are so hard” -“yeah” -ok thanks #handsareyouok #bodareyouok #no
@2poodperformance @eleikosport @xendurance

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