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Mattie Rogers 🍰  Team USA Weightlifting (69/71kg)🇺🇸 23. FL //You must sacrifice yourself in order to achieve greatness\\

So I decided with my worlds vids I’ll let you guys in on my thought process a bit. What I felt, think & want to improve on. So if you just wanna see some snatch vids, stop reading here and swipe lol. -
I see technique as very individualized depending on person, body structure, strengths/weaknesses (which change throughout career therefore leading to technical adjustments), etc. rather than a one size fits all/this way or you’re wrong. Within certain standards of historical technique of the sport & what is proven to work of course. I’ve been criticized for doing too much of this, not enough that, etc but the fact of the matter is it works for ME. Can it be improved? Oh fuck yeah and I’m always working on it. I’m a very tall and long weightlifter, so there will be differences in my technique vs someone 7-8” shorter to be as efficient as I can be. -
Overall, I’ve been working very hard on 1) staying over the bar, 2) staying patient in the hips, 3) LEG DRIVE 4) finishing jump/extension and not cutting it short (leading to less bar elevation), 5) immediate transition into high pull rather than an out then up from hips (“swing out”). Here’s my breakdown lift by lift: -
1st: very hesitant with placement of bar, whether due to nerves or sitting for a while between last warm up & first attempt idk. Not my fav, but not terrible.-
2nd: fav snatch of the day. More aggressive & comfortable, still not happy with transition from hips to high pull. -
3rd: felt very strong, kind of ripped it a lil more than necessary. Funky catch from that + still not great/straight pull into push under, but again not terrible. -
Past beginner/intermediate level lifting, it’s not so much doing drill after drill to fix things, rather more of just constantly reinforcing and actively focusing on what needs to be fixed. I want to feel the issues in the full lift and be able to address them in THAT movement, rather than only spot fixing and waiting for it to transfer over to the full lift. Isolating the issue with drills/variations of the movement is important, but FEELING what is happening in the full lift and being able to make changes to that movement is more important in my opinion.

Goooooooooood morning, today’s the last day to get these!! Available until 11:59pm (CST) tonight! This is the first round of custom shirts I’ve ever done and I HEAR YOU I promise about the international shipping. I’m trying to see what I can do about it for the next round (there will be a new round of limited edition shirts a few times a year fuck yeah !!!). You guys internationally show so much support and I will take care of you, don’t worry! Thank you so much to those who have already ordered & I’m excited to see you all in these bad boys. Link in my bio and story :)

had to hit it one time for the horses

Mood because H O M E!

I’ll post vids as I get them, but quick lil recap: 5 for 6 for the day with a 105/133/238 and a bronze medal! Weighed in at 69.8 (lol it’s a start OKAY!) 3 meals deep into the day. Felt good to walk away from this one with some definite room in the tank in snatch & an attempt at 137 in clean and jerk! I think if I had a 4th attempt to catch it better it may have even been there today, so pumped about that too. Everything I made felt smooth and easy on stage. I’m excited to get back home and continue working on filling out this weight class and getting used to comp day weights as training weights. I feel like this was a great step in the right direction to really building some momentum as we get into all the qualifiers for 2020. HUGE thank you to @usa_weightlifting for being so prepared and having everything we could ever need. EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU to this wonderful human who flew across the world for this. Words can’t even describe how grateful I am. I love you more than you know. AND also thank you to Japan (& @hookgrip for helping) for trading jackets for this sick one! AND ALSO thank you to our neighbors Team GB for takin this picture

Tomorrow. 7:25am EST. ESPN3.

LIMITED EDITION WORLDS SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE! These are available in both men’s and women’s cuts, and ONLY available through the end of Worlds (November 11). Link in my bio right now & will be added to my regular list of links for the duration of the sales :) GET EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT #worlds2018 #IWF2018 #Ashgabat2018

First day if deload! I compete Nov 6 at 17:25 here! (So 7:25am for you guys back home on the east coast). It will be live on espn3 for those interested in watchin. Excited for this deload to bring some real snap and recovery back before I hit the stage!

Last few heavier things feat. A pretty cool slow mo from @atginsta. Legs feeling pretty toasty, but that’s just a sign that it’s almost time for a nice deloaaaadddd. One more heavier day! 📸: @hookgrip @atginsta

Some heavier hangs before working up to openers the next couple days! Definitely needed some positional work to find my groove again. And of course my spooky shirt :) 📸: @hookgrip

Shaking some travel off with some extra light powers today. I don’t think we’ve slept since Sunday night (?) & went to training basically right as we arrived in Turkmenistan this morning (we were/are zombies)! It’s a BEAUTIFUL city and venue! I am more than excited for a full nights sleep tonight (hopefully; jet lag I’ve had enough of you) & my last couple heavier days at the end of the week!! (& sean coming here in a couple of days, I think we all know he wins boyfriend of the century award here, going to smother him upon arrival) @eleikosport

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