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Mattie Rogers 🍰  Team USA Weightlifting (69kg)🇺🇸 22. FL //You must sacrifice yourself in order to achieve greatness\\


Doubles & singles on intervals up to decently heavy weights today. Went better than expected after traveling to the opposite corner of the country & back over the weekend for Junior Nationals. Exciting things happening with this next generation of young lifters!

I may not do Crossfit, but I know a lot of you guys do & it’s Gamez Seazzzzonnnn :) Here’s 25% @mypowerdot with “MROPEN25” for some recovery help with whatever gets thrown at ya 🤘🏽

Body was moving a lot slower than I would have liked, which made for some weird catches & positions, but felt good to be working with around 90% again. And to have squats ALMOST feel normal again. It’s hard taking time off & constantly feeling like you have to “catch back up”, but I’m right where I need to be with the focus on Pan Ams in May. You can’t be at your peak year round as an elite athlete. You won’t last long enough to make it to those big meets you’re training for. So yeah, I’m still a little off, definitely not at my strongest, but I’m building for when it really counts. Body weight still stuck in the 67’s, so also excited for the strength that comes with that extra 3-4kg to come back :,)

@rpstrength will be here answering your questions for the next hour!! 9pm EST to 10pm EST, ask any diet related questions you have for @rpstrength in the comments & they’ll answer as many as they can within the hour :) -
- “MATTIE10” for templates do ya don’t have to ask :) -

Been a whiiiiilleeee since I’ve done powers. Felt a little weird, but nice prep for heavy day tomorrow!

Some days, every single set feels this way. Last set of 9 total sets. #EarnedNotGiven “Go throw up”

9 work sets of triples & doubles later.... #MarathonSaturdayMorning

Olympic Trials 2016. -
I watched the last Olympic opening ceremonies on a small tv from a housing facility 45 mins away from Olympic Village. Watched the competition from the stands after falling in the ranks one spot at trials to being ranked 3rd. Top 2 competed. One spot that was the difference between walking with those athletes we’re watching now & watching it on a tv like any normal person. A constant reminder & motivation every day. #HeadDownEyesForward #EarnedNotGiven

Patience. Perseverance.
Triples, doubles & heavier singles in today’s second session. Better than last snatch session, better than last week, slightly better every day. It’s a long & frustrating process, but things are slowly coming together. @xendurance

120kg/264lbs doubles.
@eleikosport @eleikousa @2poodperformance

Hang doubles & 6 sets of hang 2+1’s at 115kg/253lbs for today’s second training session to really focus on technical aspects. 1+1 of last set shown. A lot to work on & fix, but trying to make the last set of the workout look like the first, if not better. Regardless of fatigue. #effort @eleikousa @eleikosport

9 total work sets of triples & doubles for snatch, almost the same in 3+4’s & 2+3’s for clean and jerks for the second sesh today. #effort

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