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Mattie Rogers 🍰  Team USA Weightlifting (69kg)🇺🇸 22. FL //You must sacrifice yourself in order to achieve greatness\\

Been fighting through the nastiest of muscle spasms in my upper back/trap/neck/WHATEVER the last week or so, so we’ve had to make some adjustments to my training. It’s been kind of a “let’s see what that stupid thing allows us to do today” type deal, which is frustrating, BUT I’ve been able to really hammer away (aka kill myself every day it’s great) at important accessory work & back squats. HUGE thank you to @redbeardedviking for working on getting this fella to settle down & handling my constant texts of “so today sucked, but...”. Day 11 with this fucker and I got through some snatches, so ANY DAY NOW I’ll be back to normal. I actually feel really great & strong right now (words I’ve never said) so I’m super pumped to get back to normal training soon! Little things like this are definitely a reminder to never take pain free training for granted. I am hunnnggrrryyyy to get back!

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Been a while since I’ve done any block work! Some nice snatches with some super nice drop sets. All my fav top sets were blurry OF COURSE, but I kept one in there :,) 1 minute rest between sets goes FAST. Feeling stronger & consistent. -
In response to the new weight classes (and the absolutely insane amount of unnecessary hate I have received today), I’m pumped to lift in the 71kg class. 67.9 as of this morning, so we’ll just continue this bulk. I’m 5’7” and 10-12% body fat around 68-69, so 64kg is NOT an option. It’s not healthy. I’ve been there. Longevity wise & health wise, up is the only way to go. 76kg being the only Olympic category sucks yeah, but it is what it is and I look forward to getting as close to that as possible. When the decision is lose 10lbs or gain 18lbs, ya gotta just find somethin positive in there and go for it. Gaining weight is very difficult for my body, so I’m embracing this challenge. A few more kilos (or more than a few) should bring some nice changes to my strength. And NO don’t say “just eat more” it’s not that simple for some people. Time to get bigger & stronger & enjoy the shit out of this sport for ME. I’m here for a good time AND a long time :) -
While we’re all rethinking all our eating habits, “MATTIE10” for @rpstrength templates! I’ve worked with them since the beginning and I’m excited to continue to work with them!!

Okay punching myself in the face aside, had some nice triples & doubles today!! Very smooth, comfortable and consistent, just what I’ve been workin on! Mayyybbeee not so much on the bonus rounds after all my sets (very much struggle/extra time between OH WELL) but hey I’ll take it on some VERY fatigued legs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You could say things are going well

I like memes and dance gavin dance

You can make me start the sets on intervals, but I can just take extra time between the reps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A little rough, but could have been worse for my second session on a Friday after some heavy squats this morning!! Feelin stronger this week @rehband

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