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Mattie Rogers 🍰  Team USA Weightlifting (69kg)🇺🇸 22. FL.🌴🎶 #OlympicDreams "You must sacrifice yourself in order to achieve greatness"


Here’s some of yesterday’s heavier snatches (on intervals again yikes). After a month off of actual lifting after worlds, I’m still working my way back to “normal” me. I haven’t touched anything heavy until these, so yeah of course they were all over the place. Felt weird, felt off, had some major speed wobbles & were honestly quite ugly, but it was a good test of where I currently am to see just how much more work needs to be put in. Rebuilding to continue building.

9 mid block snatches at 91kg/200lbs with 1 minute rest between sets. A nice prep day for my first heavy day in a while tomorrow


First of all, who programs power snatch waves AFTER clean waves? No thanks. Been fighting some hip problems lately (thank you @redbeardedviking for constantly helping me work towards being normal again :,) ) so cleans and squats have been far from OK, but slowly adding weight every week. Felt nice to be up in the heavier ranges today. I’m commmminnn on back! Still veryyyy uncomfortable & not right AT ALL position wise, but better every week. Working through “body inconveniences” (not injuries) is extremely frustrating and obviously painful, but a good opportunity to focus on fixing imbalances & weaknesses. @mypowerdot

Feelin tight & a lil on the slow side from the weekend (RIP hips from Orlando-Miami drives), but backkkkk at it with c+j on intervals after a ton of squats this morning. Intervals seem to be the thing lately, but really I kind of like the timed rest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So grateful to be able to go to events like these & meet some of you guys. Even more grateful to be a part of the companies that bring me out to these events. Special thank you to my agent @jason_xendurance for everything you do literally daily, every single one of my sponsors, @theryryschultz for being the man per usual & my director of security/meet & greet hand patrol/incredible boyfriend @seansomethingsomething for sticking right by my side through all of this. Moving into this next week happy, motivated & excited for what’s to come this year. Thank you all 🖤j

I’ll be back @thewodapalooza tomorrow roamin around all day & meetin n greetin at the @romwod booth again at 12pm!!

Goooooooood morning, I’ll be at the @romwod booth at @thewodapalooza today at 12pm for some meetin & greetin! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

MIIAAAMMMIIII I’ll be at @thewodapalooza tomorrow from 9-10am doing a Q&A for the VIP Beach Experience & then hangin with @xendurance for happy hour from 4-6! Stay tuned for meet & greet times and locations throughout the weekend as well 😎

A ton of snatch doubles & singles on intervals today for my second session. Not the greatest of days & definitely very “off”, but feeling stronger every week.

Liftin stuff #Repost @rehband (@get_repost)
Last weekend’s main event: a photo shoot with Olympic Weightlifter and Rehband Ambassador Mattie Rogers in her hometown Orlando. Thank you @foreveryoung_crossfit for the hospitality! Picture by @haywhet

#rehband #rehbandfullpotential #fitness #kneesleeve #prevention #performance #fitness #crossfit #weightlifting

SUPER weird (and super hard tbh) and took a while to figure out, but I guess pause snatches aren’t the worst ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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