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Mattie Rogers 🍰  Team USA Weightlifting (69kg)πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 21. FL.🌴🎢 #OlympicDreams "You must sacrifice yourself in order to achieve greatness"


Body was unnnnrrreeeaaaallll confused with 90+% for both lifts today after being in high volume the last few weeks. Felt weird, a lil (lot) painful, and a lil on the shaky side, but hey I made em Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― excited to see what these weights plus some feel like in the coming weeks leading up to Pan Ams 🀘🏽

Yes mmhmm yas yep yeah yus πŸ––πŸ½ Link in my bio #Repost @romwod (@get_repost)
Happy #internationalyogaday folks. Stay #SwoleAndFlexy. 😎 πŸ“Έ: @prestonsmithphotography

The amount of times I've been asked "what's the secret to lifting heavy things?" is kind of ridiculous. There is not secret. You just have to do it over and over and over until it's right. Put as much effort into the lights as you do the heavy's, and work until the heavy's look like the lights. As annoying/frustrating/boring/tedious as the process is 🀘🏽Been on a snatch mission and have been SO PICKY all week (well all month really [okay since forever]) and this morning I think things started clickin FINALLY!!!! From "eh that was ok ish kind of better I think I dunno" to "okay yeah I liked that one" 😭 #BLESS #EarnedNotGiven #HeadDownEyesForward #SnatchWars #PerfectYourArt

When you're extremely frustrated the entire workout, start over & have 9 million riddles as to why things don't feel right, but then figure it out on your very last set πŸ™ƒ one day powers and I will get along #probablynot

Now through June 30th use code "MATTIECAKES20" for 20% @mypowerdot ❀️🀘🏽 I definitely needed the recovery action last night after a R O U G H Monday ☠️ #mypowerdot #recoverypls #helppls #OWPLS

So a lot of you have been asking for side view/slow mo stuff, so here's a Lil of both. Same lift, one slow (super high quality I know πŸ™„) and one regular speed. Really wanted to focus on QUALITY of reps today in the second sesh and basically pick apart my snatch to figure out some of the funkiness that has been happening lately. I hardly ever do no foot snatches, but did a ton (literally) today to work on some timing things, bar path and correct use of arms. It was a lot of "I hated that one", "that one was ok", "hmm I kind of liked that", and a lot of just Rep after Rep after Rep. It's about finding what works best for your body and your levers, not trying to replicate exactly what someone else's looks like. Granted a snatch is a snatch and there are certain things everyone has to do to make a successful lift, but the small tweaks and fixes that are dependent on your body are what make maximal consistency and efficiency possible. Different build = different mechanics, find what works best for you. Make em pretty, make em art 🀘🏽#snatchwars #sos #teamxendurance @xendurance

Kind of a monster of a session for a Monday morning ☠️ Backsquat dubs and singles into the 95% range (legs said wtf are you doing, we only know volume right now bye) then a nastyyyyyy burnout set at 140kg (first half of it shown...it took forever). Followed by some heavy jerks on the shakiest of legs 🀘🏽 This afternoons training session should be......interesting

Miami! I’ll be hanging out at the new Sawgrass Mills @dickssportinggoods Grand Opening this Saturday from 8:00 am- noon. Stop by for free training, pictcha takin, autograph signing and Q&A! Come kick it with me πŸ’πŸΌ
@dickssportinggoods @rehband @prestonsmithphotography

#PowerOrNah game isn't as fun when no one else is in the gym and you kinda feel like a bag of potatoes Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― #HAPPYFRIDAY @eleikosport

Was super pumped when I saw that I had doubles at the end of my triples today (FINALLY) so I could work on making them pretty more instead of working on trying not to die. Legs decided they had other plans and didn't really wanna function AT ALL πŸ™ƒβ˜ οΈ These boiz are DEAAAAD #canyoulike #jumpplz #somanydubs

All these InstaFit pages like "this is what my butt looks like from this angle and the other day at this angle". "This is what I look like at 4:57am with no food". "This is what I look like bloated cause #real". "Here I am after 4 meals, 3 waters and a cupcake". And I'm just like, well here is this pretty cool shirt I found in the kids section of IKEA the other day.
No hate on the butts n bloats n things of course. They are very nice. You look lovely all the time tbh. I just dunno how to do that so here's my version. Oh and I'm eating goat cheese cause #cheesepiration and I really like cheese #notinstafit #orsomething

What I wanna know is, who makes you do heavy hang powers AFTER volume squats? #happywednesday -
πŸ‘€ the πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ‘ΌπŸ» belt tho. We have surprises comin

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