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Mattie Rogers 🍰  Team USA Weightlifting (69kg)🇺🇸 22. FL //You must sacrifice yourself in order to achieve greatness\\

Definitely not my prettiest, but a pretty solid 130 from Pan Ams before a wild ass crack at 136. Featuring the piece of hair that got stuck in my mouth when I got set & never left because that’s how hot it was in there :,) Best part about getting second every year is... you get really tired of getting second every year. -


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@mattiecakesssss (69kg, @hookgripusa) clean and jerking 130kg/286lb to win the silver medal at the 2018 Pan Ams — her third year in a row in 2nd place at this meet. She was part of a USA female effort that managed to qualify a full team (6 athletes + 1 Dominican cat) for the Pan Am Games!

Well I don’t have any pics or vids from Pan Ams, so here’s part of my “fuck around” training we do the first day or so after a meet until I hop back on my program feat. Sean because I missed him. Just whatever I feel like doing, no real lifting, maybe even a WOD & a ton of accessory. (PSA I’ve never done these they just look fun & I wanted to try. Very graceful at getting in and out of position) also psa, for all that gave me suggestions, the all liquid diet helped me keep some sort of food in me today after getting the international food/water sickness on my way home yesterday (it’s as nasty as you imagine it is... I probably weigh 65kg rn)-
Regarding Pan Ams, I’m walking away from this year disappointed. I underperformed and no one can understand that unless you are the one competing. I know what I am capable of and I know I simply did not do my job as I know I could have come comp day. I can say, I fought my ass off with what I did do and I put literally every ounce of energy I had into my lifts. I am however, proud to bring home all silvers for Team USA and extremely proud to have overcome what I’ve had to mentally and physically these last 3-4 months. It’s been really rough health wise (no injuries though don’t worry) and I’m almost through it (no more than a month or two till I’m in the clear), so I am beyond excited to get past this and be able to train my ass off for the rest of the year. It’s hard to accept that you’re not in top shape going into an international meet (& a huge kick to your confidence) & I don’t think I ever did, but damnit I tried my absolute hardest every single day. Here’s to the coming months of getting strong again & hopefully my body allowing me to FINALLY gain some weight. -
Edit: no I could not bring home the cat but I have heard he is thriving

My turn to compete tomorrow at 6pm EST. Link to all US athletes start times & live feed added to my bio. #PanAmChampionships2018 #PanAms2018 #TeamUSA

Made it here to the Dominican Republic with Team USA safe and sound for the 2018 Pan American Championships. The competition kicks off tomorrow with our 48kg girls, more info to come as far as my comp day/time and (hopefully) a link to the live feed. Until then, @romwod to pass the time until our late training session tonight. Link in my bio. 🖤

Some pretty nice ones on the way up for one of my last few heavy days before Pan Ams in Santo Domingo! #PanAms2018 #PanAmericanChampionships #TeamUSA @romwod @usa_weightlifting

“Can you at least smile while you do this? Look happy, look excited?” .
Me: I swear I am excited I am happy I am trying so hard I am just that painfully awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera -
As much as my face doesn’t show it, I definitely love @xendurance :,) creatine is just part of my daily suppppp needs. Link in my bio.
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The misinformed media and lousy reporting still leave many women believing that creatine is a “guys only” supplement. Creatine is one of the most researched supplements out there. Studies have shown time and time again that creatine can enhance strength, increase lean body mass, and improve exercise performance—regardless of sex.
Studies have shown that both untrained and resistance-trained women can significantly increase both upper-body and lower-body strength when supplementing with creatine. Additionally, a 2003 review study found that women have greater relative improvements in strength compared with men: 14.8 percent versus 5.5 percent.[1]. Video is of @xendurance athlete @mattiecakesssss she uses Xendurance Creatine as part of her supplement protocol.

A TON of sets today, but things were moving pretty well. Looking forward to the last few days of heavy stuff next week before I leave for Pan Ams 🇺🇸 Body weight made it back up to the 68’s for most of this week too! @rpstrength ”MATTIE10” for templates :) #panams2018 #teamusa @eleikosport @eleikousa @rehband @xendurance @2poodperformance

@rpstrength Summer sale ends this Monday. 20% off ebooks and templates with “SUMMER20” :) For your summer body, winter body, spring body, fall body, year round body, indoor body, outdoor body, nakey body, look good in a turtle neck body, beach body, couch body ....

A TON of lifts at heavier percentages today & another day of consistency in all movements. Really happy with this weeks improvements. It’s been an extremely tough week, but a very fun week of things finally clicking as well @eleikosport @xendurance @rehband @rehband #panamprep #panams2018

Really pumped about how these looked & felt today. 1 minute rest between sets can make it tough to keep the focus on technique, but some of the things I’ve been working on were really clicking in today’s prep for a heavy day tomorrow. Starting to get excited for Pan Ams @eleikosport @eleikousa @2poodperformance @rehband

a lil creatine sprinkle -

10% off and free shipping with the link in my bio. @xendurance #xendurance #creatinejb

Really tough workout today. A ton of waves of doubles and singles with way bigger jumps between sets than I’m used to. 9 work sets each of snatch and clean and jerks with a “bonus round” when I thought I was finally done, so 19 work sets total. No misses. I don’t say it often, but as tired as I was and as hard as this workout was, I felt good today. Some lifts I would even count as pretty :,) (others very far from it BUT STILL) Excited for a heavy both workout later in the week. @2poodperformance @eleikosport @rehband @xendurance

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