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Matthieu Dubreucq  CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff - CrossFit Laval/Force 5 Head coach - Former Canadian Sailing Team Athlete - 8 times Regional athlete

#mastersqualifier c’est fini. Une belle fin de semaine de workout. Merci à tous et j’ai hâte d’encourager ceux qui seront à Madison. J’aurai donné mon max. •
That’s it for me. What a fun weekend of workouts. Looking forward to cheering everyone that makes it to the next stage! I gave it all I could.
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Je vous recommande fortement de faire le online course pose running. Vous allez avoir des nouveaux outils pour analyser votre course. •

I strongly suggest you do the online Pose running course. You will have new tools to improve your running! @crossfittraining
Photos @lp_wolford

Protection for your hands?

I used to be against it in my personal training. I wanted to be tougher then others. But really as the sport of fitness develops, the volume and number of reps needed to be successful made it necessary for me to start using grips. •
I have to say that I enjoy not ripping my hands. It took a little adaptation and now I wouldn’t go back to ripping all the time. •
Here is my approach now : I will use what I am allowed to use to improve my performance. I will vary to keep capacity without it but will be sure to use everything I can when it is game time. •
Photo @lp_wolford

Reverse Hyper
Simple et efficace.
On contracte en haut et relâche sur la descente. -
Simple and effective
Arch at the top relaxe on the way down. -
Probablement le plus gros ajout dans mon pre-hab re-hab depuis les trois dernières années. -
Probably the best thing that happened for my pre-hab and re-hab in the last three years.
@lp_wolford Merci pour les photos


Petite journée relaxe.
Time to chill.

No plane no problems. -
Control the contrôlables
Deal with it
Figure it out!

Quick session
Every 40 secondes one snatch
Session rapide de snatch.
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Sometimes you have to make the jump!

Parfois faut risquer le saut.
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Qu’est ce que vous faites quand vous allez pas au gym?
Moi j’adore les musées, comprendre le passé pour mieux bâtir l’avenir!
What do you do on days off? Me I love museum. Understand the past to build the future!

#force5programming #daysoff #museum

Coming back after an injurie is not easy. I am on year 2 to bring back my wrist and shoulder. It never stopped me to train but surely made me train smarter. •
Problems are not a dead end they are the occasion for a new solution, new knowledge. •
Learning how to come back from injuries is as much physical therapy as mental therapy. Take your time and don’t take no as an answer. •
Professionals are key but understanding some basic humain maintenance will ensure you don’t fall back in the same trap. •
Train smart! That means train don’t make the mistake to stop!

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Première session de nage. Merci .com
5 fois 200m de nage

#Repost @coachbenp with @get_repost
First pool WOD of the season! @crossfit 5*200m swim, 2 mins rest between efforts.
@matthieudubreucq @oph810

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