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Today's @52nd_glass_shop
Auction is for a true shredder of a floating Recycler from @jeffheathbar. 14mm, retti, and a wicked drain! Please read all rules before bidding!!!!
◾Auction Open to US bidders 18+, Canada read below please
◾Starting bid $600
◾increments of $20+
◾Auction ends when i call it.
◾Fair Reserve is in place.
◾No comments please, tagging friends is allowed
◾Fake or non paying bidders Will be blocked
◾Please tag the person you outbid
Please do not bid unless you plan on paying, any deleted bids or non paying bidders will be blocked. Canadian bidders can bid but will need to add $30 for shipping.
Thanks everyone and have an epic day! Cheers! 🍻
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The @royscoglass dick bong came out for some fuckery today and of course I didn't want @royscoglass STD ridden dick touching my mouth 😂😭 So I got some rubbers! 🙆‍♂️ I would like to know why it made my mouth numb though, I mean i can guess but REALLY?! Who wouldda thunk. Cheers everyone, hope your all having a great start to your week! ✌️😄🍻
🎵Mickey Avalon - My Dick🎵
#positivevibesonly #fuckery #alwaysuseprotection #dongbong #testicleterps #rubberrips #wfayo #cannabiscommunity #concentratedminds #fueledbycbd #420community #710community

Next @52nd_glass_shop sponsored auction is going to be on Tuesday morning for this retti floating Recycler from the man @jeffheathbar! She absolutly RAGES! Cheers everyone, I hope Yall had epic weekends! ✌️🍻😄
🎵OVRBRD - Zookeeper Remix🎵
#positivevibesonly #eatmychode #damncat #jeffheathbar #52ndglassshop
#floatingrecycler #retti #mothershipglass #wfayo #cannabiscommunity #concentratedminds #fueledbycbd #420community #710community

I took this picture awhile back to show how nasty some of the stuff at the legal Rec dispensaries looked 🤢 On the top is some @primo_extracts Live Resin, on bottom is some Rec Dispensary Live Resin 🤔 For 40 a gram I'd rather lick a sticky possum 😧 Thankfully I didn't pay for it. A friend bought it and was super pissed that it wasn't the same color the dispensary had advertised it as 😢 I had to turn the flash on to get it to show up as something besides a black lump 😂 Now I wanna know, why is it red?! #positivevibesonly #wtfhappened #gross #poopsoup #mids #whyisitred #redterps #primoextracts #mangokush #wfayo #cannabiscommunity #concentratedminds #fueledbycbd #420community #710community

Good Ole Dump'n'Dab after a long day of work 💩😂 Been a long one and it was either film a video or take a dump, so I did both! 🙆‍♂️ And of course I had to use the @royscoglass x @algae._ x @thousanddollarsmoke, just didn't feel right with anything else 😭 The browns won the super bowl and the pond is re-populated, victory 🍻 🎵DJ Quads - I Will Wait🎵
#positivevibesonly #dumpndab #mids #teamsmallnips #toiletterps #blownOring #fuckery #poopinandpuffin #royscoglass #algaeglass #thousanddollarsmoke #jessesglass #wfayo #cannabiscommunity #420community #710community

I saw my buddy @chadbroglass do this a few days back and it turned into hours of hilarious comments 😂🤣 So let's try it out! Paste whatever you got! 😄
Photo stolen from @chadbroglass 👊
#positivevibesonly #fuckery #copypaste #gonnagetweird #justdoit #wfayo #cannabiscommunity #concentratedminds #fueledbycbd #420community #710community

Hot ass CBD Dragon dabs! 🐉
Today was a @mikeluna300 sorta day 😄
If you want to see the full feature YouTube video, it's up and linked in my bio 🌎 Throwing some Lemon Lime CBD from @cyclingfrogcannabis in the Quavie 😂 @chadbroglass terp trunk working wonders as always! It was a great day, positive vibes going out to those in need ❤️✌️ Sorry about blocking the sun and the Bentley hair 😡
🎵Tre Sera - Let Go🎵

It's time to pick the winner of the @gusglass birthday giveaway! 😄 I employed the help of a long ass piece of trim and a warm weiner to help me pick the winner so Yall can be mad at them if you didn't win 😂 The weiner settled on @_miss_fire_! Huge congrats! Celebrating @reclaim_retards style with a weiner CBD dab out if my new @bakerrl710 TT yellow tube! 🍋🙆‍♂️ Also, I know I don't need to justify myself but I wanted to let everyone know I scrolled for a good 3 or 4 minutes, just couldn't fit it all in! Please keep any negativity to yourself! Cheers everyone, you all made this an epic giveaway with all your birthday wishes to @gusglass ✌️🍻
🎵DJ Quads - You're The Best🎵

Well I'm not a vape god 😂
Just a random CBD dab from today's YouTube video. The links in my bio if you wanna watch the whole thing! 🙆‍♂️ Pulled out the @shulman_69 and some lemon lime CBD from @52nd_glass_shop. If you want to order your own, head over to the @52nd_glass_shop website and use the code, "710wrx" to get it cheaper! Cheers everyone, thank you for all your support!! 🍻❤️👊

New pillow! 😪🛏️ This bad bitch is a three way collab between @royscoglass, @algae._, and @thousanddollarsmoke, and there's gonna be more like this at @oldworldnewart and @algae._, "brain freeze" show that's coming up at the end of next month! Keep your eyes on their pages for more info! 😄🙆‍♂️ Cheers everyone, start the week off with some positive vibes! 😋
#positivevibesonly #pillowgang #singlestack #royscoglass #algaeglass #thousanddollarsmoke #jessesglass #brainfreeze #wfayo #cannabiscommunity #fueledbycbd #concentratedminds #420community #710community

ROUND TWO! ✌️ Trying the CBD melt inside the glass jar again but with the @mayoralquartz 31mm so the hole wasn't covered 😄 This fucking dab went for over two minutes and all of it was at the perfect temp, plus the @chadbroglass terp trunk worked like it was made for this! I was amazed 😮 I'll upload the full thing to YouTube tomorrow morning! 🍻
Google CBD before you ask.....
🎵San Holo - We Rise🎵

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