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Matthew LaPenta  Bronze emojis as global hieroglyphs. Bhakti Yogi, Mystic, Time-Traveler 😌🙏🌈✨🌍😎✌️

A few weeks ago @janacruder and I installed our collaborative art installation, @naturalplasticity in downtown Santa Monica. It examines our relationship to single-use-plastics. And now we are excited to announce we are installing it at @pulseartfair during Basel Week in Miami, FL. Please stop by and say hello if you’re in town. #banplastic #plasticpollution #plasticproblem #bottleproject #naturalplasticity

Above: “Drinking my Latte Without a Straw” the idea that not using a straw makes you an environmental warrior and the deception that corporations actually care. Below: “Salmon Farming in the Desert” a contemplation of our addiction to meat products and how we are editing the planet to suit our constant needs. #poptart #art #miniart #minipaintings #goop

Title: “Office Casual” set of acrylic paintings on canvas. Really into making pairs of paintings lately. Why should your experience be held to one object? Nothing exists in the universe without the existence of something else. Or another way to ponder it, the universe created life just to experience itself. The khaki color reminded me of the one day each week your allowed to dress casual. And perhaps the one day a week your allowed to relax a bit and be more human. #minipainting #minimalist #mini #officecasual #pyschedelic #edibles #popart

New work from the Psychedelic Poptarts series. I’m calling this pair Primary Reduction of Matter. These are the first two works I’ve made in awhile. I haven’t painted much in the last year because yoga, emoji sculptures and art direction take up most of my time. #pyschedelic #poptarts #minimalist #minipainting

✌️Peace in, peace out. Cast bronze with a Nickel plating, which then gets black oxide and finally polished. ✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻#peaceful #peaceofmind #peace #peacemaker #peaceout #peaceout✌

☺️🙏 I feel with this next round of work I took the aesthetics up a few levels. I’m really finding a stride with complimentary materials. This is polished stainless with a stained wood base. The first in the edition already sold. 😁🙏 #prayhands #pray #prayforme #thoughtsandprayers #prayers #prayforthewicked #prayingmantis #prayhard #prayedup

😈😇🙏 Sometimes the hallow formed from horns. We all have our demons but the great work is to become the philosopher... transmute the darkness. Coal into gold. You are Devine. 😈😇🙏

😇Headed to Shakti Fest tomorrow morning. We are assembling all the #earthangels in one place to chant, pray, yoga, and most importantly DANCE our hearts open. 3 days of pure bliss. Much Love to my yoga family at @bhaktiyogashala for everything you do.😇

I only see it fitting to follow up the last post with a 🌈 because that’s how I felt after the Sat Nam festival. This sculpture was fun to make because it’s the most abstract shape I’ve made in the series, Especially when the sculpture didn’t have paint. I decided to make this one because physics tells us we/ everything is all made of light. But a large heavy metal object might feel like the furthest thing from light and that’s why I love this sculpture. It’s an extra dense configuration of light... maybe that should be the title of this one instead of emoji rainbow.

This photo had too much bliss, I had to share. It was captured at @satnamfestival is Joshua Tree, CA. I spent 4 Days doing Kundalini breathwork, chanting, singing, and praying. I woke up every morning and chatted to the sunrise, while talented musicians poured their hearts out. I grieved, laughed, cried, danced, and sang with so many new friends. Sat Nam Fest was one of the cleanest, safest, sober festivals I’ve been too. So grateful to all the teachers and staff that dedicate themselves to the lineage and lifestyle. Thank you so much for doing your part in raising the vibes of this planet. Love to all my relations. 🙏 Sat Nam 💙

Creeping on the interwebs and found this install shot of my install in an office in NYC. It was installed in January of 2017. It was every face I had made to date. #installationart #emojiart #sculptures

💪 A never ending quest to find inner strength to keep making more beautiful things. Power and strength to all the creators that have the courage to sacrifice their comfort, so there can be more beauty in the world. Don’t give up, you are needed. And you are stronger then you know. 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼💪🏻 The process of creating a new sculpture.

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