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Matthew Jennings  Oklahoma born and raised. Student and sojourner.

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Canada– pt i

Olympic Peninsula- pt. ii

Olympic Peninsula- pt. i

Last time I posted a picture, I was in $7,000 of credit card debt. As of last week, I'm completely free of credit card debt and its 23% interest. That debt had been a constant reminder of my financial of shortcomings and my personal naivety. It's not been easy though, nor was it accidental. I've worked about 60 hours a week since October. I've had to completely relearn how I think about and spend money. These last few months have been tough, but they've rewarded me with a sense of accomplishment.

As some of you may know, I graduated college this past April after 5 years at ORU. The journey of college was quite a bit different than what I had imagined. I changed my major from music to business halfway through college, which had the unintended consequence of extending my college tenure. I always thought that graduation would pass and I would have a job lined up, but life never fails to unfold differently than imagined. My summer has consisted of parking cars and applying for jobs, along with a few trips in between. Hundreds of applications and a few interviews later, I’m excited to announce that tomorrow I begin my first day at Williams in Tulsa, OK. This is a great step forward for me, and I wanted to share it with those of you who are dear to me.

2 years.

The amazing Hoh Rainforest.

Though their numbers have declined because of invasive species, you'll still find the Olympic marmot running up and down the mountains throughout the park. This little guy stopped just long enough for me to snap a few shots, before running off to do whatever it is marmots do.

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