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Nanaimo, BC  Live life to the fullest🤙🏼👌🏞🌲


Go to mystic beach it’s soo beautiful

I Had a blast on my first vacation to Cuba! A lot of blurry nights... also a little to much pool time 🗾🌅🤪🍻

Went for another adventure yesterday... ended up at kinsol trestle which was pretty sweet! Also went to mudge island with some great people! 🛤🗾🌅

Washy weekend hear I come!!! 🤪🏂

Went to a ravine and seen some pretty sweet waterFalls today 🍂 🍁

Love shredding it with my brother @darren_balatti

Had a great first shred of the season. Can’t wait for more 😎🏂🏔

Just a bit of grease 🛠

She's a bit scared of birds 😂🦅⛰