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Matthew Parent  Half ginger, half man bun. Camera guy and semi-retired climbing dirtbag. Usually looking for street tacos.

One hell of a guy and one hell of a beard. Thanks for being a steward of the earth and the islands you call home. If we don’t meet again, may we dine in the halls of Valhalla.
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Find the alpacas and win 11 pesos.

Easy to stay. Hard to leave.

Each and every second there are thousands of moments that happen beyond your own experience. They are beautiful, simple, profound moments of humanity, and the opportunity to capture even one of them is a rare gift. Street photography is a medium through which to explore this phenomenon, and two weeks ago I absentmindedly photographed a passing taxi in Manila and was rewarded with one of the most genuine, loving moments I’ve ever seen. We are all human, and we all need love.

Having recently turned 30, there was a inevitable re-evaluation of my life. Harsh self-critique happens to be mainstay of my personality, and So I have much to improve on, from personal habits and behaviors to my never-quite-good-enough professional life. For many of us there are a few close friends and colleagues who offer a perspective that is unique, intellectual, and more helpful than you could ever imagine. The man and mentor who took this photograph is one such individual. Thanks, brother. 📷 @ronnyrose

Stoked to head back to Panama in March with @floatingdoctors. Check them out and support them if you can. Delivering medical supplies and services to remote communities is a pretty good cause if I do say so myself. 🙏🏼

What the wonderful human in the previous photo was up to... picking sweet, delicious, terribly addicting coffee beans ☕️.

This wonderful man is responsible for allowing climbers to have access to some of the best climbing in Cuba. I wish I remembered his name, but I’ll sure as hell remember his smile and his casual handling of a massive cigar. Muchas gracias por todo, Señor.

Last week I had the privilege of playing with a new toy in a beautiful place with beautiful people. Here’s to a solid 2019, boys.

ethe·​re·​al | \i-ˈthir-ē-əl
1a : of or relating to the regions beyond the earth
b : Celestial, heavenly.
c : Unworldly, spiritual.
Backstory: I’ve been kayaking in the estuaries near my parents house for years and I never once saw it like this... sooo yeah, pro tip. Always bring the camera.
#ethereal #thanksmerriamwebster

Earlier this year I had the privilege of shooting with @natgeochannel about the Flat Earther movement. The piece aired earlier this week but maybe it exists on your streaming site! Many thanks to the talented and inspiring badasses @marianavz @pablo_durana @justinrocket @jayecallahan for having me along for the ride 🙂

Spent a few days this July in Mumbai scouting out a story that didn’t pan out, but the time I spent walking around Dharavi was illuminating to say the least. Its’ dense, narrow, alleyways are crowded with people, animals, and the biggest collection of plastics and metals I have ever seen. Huge bags stacked 20 feet high line the alleyways, waiting their respective turn to be grounded up into pellets and melted down into bars. It is a bizarre thing for western eyes to behold, as nothing comes close in comparison. While they are chaotic, low-paying, extremely dangerous, and questionably environmentally conscious, the recycling facilities are entirely indispensable to Mumbai, allegedly recycling up to 85% of all the cities waste.

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