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The Yoga Butt: Ever have a hamstring tear right near your sit bones? We call this the yoga butt - not the sexy kind either 🤣 In my hips workshops I focus on maintaining integrity at this area which also allows for greater range of motion at the middle portion of the hamstrings. Watch the whole video on theyogimatt.com (Named Top 50 Best Yoga Blogs!)- link in profile.

On Human Connection, Trust and Courage: This week I am hosting an @acroyoga chellenge on my main account @theyogimatt - while I don’t actively practice and perform acroyoga anymore I still love to share the practice because it has taught me so much about human connection and the foundational elements that bring us together and what pulls us a part. What of the driving forces that brings us together or drives us a part is Trust. Trust is built when we feel someone else has our best interest in their heart and will support us no matter what. Trust will never be fully present in relationships if you have not yet built it within yourself. Meaning, you have to have your own best interest at heart and take actions in accordance to the person you truly want to be and how you want to feel. Many of us ignore this piece of the puzzle, expecting that someone else should do it for us. You must OWN up, be courageous and listen to your own heart, then trust can be built between you and you. From there it will ripple outward. 📷 @arosenphoto

New FREE video is now up - link in my profile: Pigeon Without Knee Pain. I go over my top 3 steps/tips to increase both the depth of stretch in the hips while maintaining integrity of the knees.

For years I suffered from chronic low back pain. I can remember in my early 20’s fearing back surgery but also completely ready for it so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain. Back issues ran in my family so I just assumed there wasn’t any way to gain health. I came to the yoga practice seeking relief from my mind, which I most certainly gained! What I didn’t anticipate however, was the release of so many physical holding patterns in my hips and low back. 6 months into my yoga practice I had completely forgotten the 10 years of back pain. In my latest Online Workshop titles Hips: Rock and Unlock Em I share the techniques I learned to unlock my hips and release my back. In addition I just released a blog titled Pigeon Without Knee Pain that shares these tips in the most condensed and effective way. If you have chronic low back issues, and/or discomfort in your knees when you do hip openers start here! My website link is in my profile. Lots of love friends, let’s all feel good, we deserve it!!! Tag a friend who deserves to feel better in their body, or a teacher who loves great technical tips.

Thank You Stockholm @yogagames ! THAT was amazing. See you in Gothenburg - use the discount code: Matt - I’ll put the link to sign up in my story! Also please follow my main account @theyogimatt

New FREE tutorial now up: “Pigeon Pose Without Knee Pain” - -are you sure your not stretching your knee?
theyogimatt.com/pigeon or check my story for direct link! 📷 @yogabumm

Hey friends if you missed the live workshop - it’s now for sale for only $6 (limited time price) check out theyogimatt.com :)

Online Hips Master Class -Click the link in my profile! 📷 @karenfuchsphoto

Hey friends- want a free morning practice?!? Visit @tint_yoga tint yoga.com - get a FREE account and watch all you want plus I have other free videos there as well. Also reminder that @theyogimatt is my main Instagram account where I post daily

Chaturanga Alignment: 3 Essential Actions for the Shoulders is now up on www.theyogimatt.com (link in profile as well. Also please follow my main account @theyogimatt

The number one reason most of us are not where we want to be is simply that our actions don’t reflect what it takes to “get there”. When our actions are in line with our intention and are precisely aligned with our bigger vision we move forward in that direction.
When we are moving forward we feel satisfied...content. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Handstand Strength Training video series for all levels
Available exclusively at theyogimatt.com/Handstand

When I was in the band Stealing Jane, I was in charge of Social Media. It was one of the most time consuming and challenging beasts to figure out, especially because MySpace was so slow to load, and because it hadn’t yet been used for marketing so there wasn’t much to go on. After the we disbanded I barely went on Social Media, I was so sick of it and burnt out. I didn’t use it to promote my classes or workshops as a yogi, and of course like most hard core yogis I thought it was the problem. Later in my career, I began teaching workshops, and it was a wake up call when I realized no one showed up because everyone forgot about them or didn’t know they were happening and so on. I started using FB again. When Instagram came along I ignored it for years of course but saw that new yoga teachers were selling out world wide tours based on their following. I knew at this point that I was missing the mark on the self promotion front. I put all my effort into studying, training and teaching a billion classes a week for years and here I was burnt out, making just enough to pay my rent and eat like a rabbit. I loved teaching but to teach 24 classes/privates a week just to get by was no longer inspiring me and simply draining my energy. I decided to study what was happening with Instagram, and I learned how to use it. With some serious hard work I built up a great following on @theyogimatt I was doing it, and it was going well until one day I woke up and I was shut out of my account and it looked like it had been wiped completely. That’s while I created this one. With the support of amazing people like @bryceyoga @yogabeyond @andrew7sealy and many more this account got built up well. After some massive digging, I was actually able to get @theyogimatt back. I decided to stay with that account as my main one, but still there are so many of you here that don’t follow me there so I am doing my best to maintain two account which is a lot of effort. So if you’d be so kind as to follow me there I would greatly appreciate it! Social Media can be a tool for connection and support, it can help people, and help you get your teaching heard. TheYogiMatt.com/Mentorship for guidence.

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