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Day 1 of the #intentionchallenge and I am kicking this off as your host (@theyogimatt) Please join in! Today's focus is Willpower. A common teaching of yoga is letting go. While letting go of what you cannot control is a massive learning, it's opposite is taking control of what you can control: your words and actions.while you can not control the outcome you always have the ability to choose your actions. Willpower is that energy inside of each of us that takes action based on our hearts desire. Willpower is when you make the choice to act even when it would be easier to avoid. It's that part of you that gets off your butt and stands up for yourself against all your own insecurity and says "I've got this". Willpower is intentional action that serves both yourself and everyone around you. What does willpower mean for you? Join us in the #intentionchallenge and tag our hosts and sponsors, instructions below. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Rebecca and I (Matt) are finally reviving from the 3 day event and the time leading up to it. It was such a blessing to have so many beautiful people come together to join us in our home for our wedding. We want to send a huge thank you to our sponsors @naturawines @tykusake @omissionbeer @templeturmeric Everyone was so stoked to enjoy your amazing beverages and amazing conversations about organic's, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and gluten-free living were shared. Overall you helped create a magical experience and everyone felt good for the full weekend due to the high quality ingredients :)

The first official Chromatic Yoga Teacher Training happens this August 21-25. There is one spot left for anyone who is interested in developing their teaching skills in the following areas: Anatomy, precise verbal cuing, authenticity of voice, Adjustments, sequencing, business, one on one coaching, marketing and community building. Email matt@theyogimatt.com for details

Aug 21-25 chromatic teacher training - super limited capacity (only 7 spots left)
Topics covered:
• Effective and Anatomically inspired Sequencing • Applicable and Empowering Anatomy • Intentional and Creative Adjustments
• Elements of Voice - empowering others with your tone and words. • Building your business/brand/social media
• Keys to Transformation

Where: Goshen CT
Price Options:
1. The Training: (2 payments @ $300/month) or $595
2. The Training + Camping: (2 payments of $340) or $635
3. The Training + a Room: (4 Payments @$225/month) or $895
Accommodations will be in our home or at a local friends home near by. first come first serve.

Food: not included- local restaurants are amazing, and you are welcome to use the kitchen to make your own meals as if you are in your own home.


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Not everything in life is joyful and fun but looking for joy within it is my goal. This pose often feels pretty intense on many levels but Through practice I have learned to step back from the situation at hand and watch it from the outside. This allows me to find joy and sometimes even peace within the challenge. Certainly there is a level experience in which my practice of being the witness falls short but it's great to see my own progress in the last ten years of self study. I am less reactive, less attached to the drama in my head, more awake to the bigger picture of life.
Mentorship Mastery Program and choose one of the following tracks:
1. Masterful Teaching and Delivery
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Stepping up to your edge is exactly where yoga begins. When it feels scary, uneasy, or uncomfortable you are likely on the verge of flying. If you are not stepping up to your edge then you haven't yet shown yourself that you are ready. That is where the discipline comes in. Do what it takes to prepare you for the next step, then take it. See you out there. (Please Follow me on my main profile @theyogimatt)
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The important thing is not whether or not you got there but that you started walking towards it. Progress and growth is the foundation of purpose, and purpose is what gives our lives means, and ultimately what makes us sleep at night and wake up in the morning.thank you for following me here, please follow my other account @theyogimatt as I rarely use this one much anymore.

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