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Matt Dieterich  Seeker and Promoter of Dark Night Skies! Mt Rainier Stamp and APOD Astrophotographer Tech Services Manager - PlaneWave *Fine Art Prints and Workshops*

Last bit of sunset on the California coast.

I shot a timelapse video of the Fissure 8 lava flow illuminating clouds. Truly spectacular, yet devastating sight.

Being in Hilo for the last week at a conference has been an eye opening experience. At night the orange glow from Pele releasing her powerful lava on the land is otherworldly. This shot is looking down towards the lava going through the Leilani Estates and finally hitting the Pacific Ocean. This lava flow coming from "Fissure 8" has destroyed more than 700 homes and can continue for years geologist's say. What blows my mind is seeing news updates, which make it hard to even put this lava flow into perspective. Being here on the island, I can feel how tense this truly is for the locals. I met a photographer last night who lost his home and has been living out of his car for 3 months hoping between places to stay. My heart goes out to those family's who have lost everything as Pele creates the youngest land on Earth.

Super thrilled seeing Astronomy Magazine picked my image of star trails and aurora over Mt Rainier as their Picture of the Day! I captured this shot in June 2015 while working at Mt Rainier as an Astronomy Ranger. This shot was picked by the USPS as 1 of 16 new Forever Stamps celebrating the National Park Service centennial. This was the first night I ever saw the Northern Lights with my eyes and it was breathtaking. I couldn't believe how incredible the raw images looked while shooting the timelapse. The crazy pink aurora lit up the whole frame with my 24mm lens and even reflected in the lake. Moments like these are why keep going back to the night sky. This is the reason why I shoot the night sky, so others can get excited and check out the stars for themselves. You really never know what mother nature is going to show, but you just have to be there under the stars.

Last night I had the great pleasure of sharing the Milky Way with my workshop student @sirwinjr. He absolutely nailed the panorama technique on his first try! We also had a blast using a tracking mount to capture 4 minute long exposures of the Milky Way core. He is definitely creating some wicked night sky shots. Always fun sharing the night sky with good people! For me, teaching is huge a passion of mine. I love combining outdoor education in my workshops 😀

The Dumbbell Nebula was the first discovered planetary nebula. This beautiful nebula was discovered way back in 1764 by Charles Messier. Planetary nebulae form as dying stars expand and shed layers of gas into space. The light captured here traveled about 1,200 light years before reaching the telescope and camera! The image represents a total of 16.6 hours of exposure using special filters to pass only narrow portions of hydrogen and oxygen gas emitted by the nebula. What I love about narrowband filters is that you can understand basic chemistry of the target by looking at the colors. The red is hydrogen and the blue is oxygen in this image. Shot using a @planewaveinstruments CDK17 and L500 mount.

What a great spot for soaking in blue hour. Can you spot the planet Venus in this view from the cliff? This is the view from midway down the rope to the rocky shoreline. I knew I had to capture the beautiful blue hour light on the rocks and ocean. Hope y'all enjoy!

Want to win one of my prints?! I'm stoked to share a print giveaway of my Milky Way shot from Chile seen here. For your chance to win a signed print here are the two rules!

1. Follow me, so you can stay up to date with wicked night sky and landscapes 😀✨ 2. Tag your friends in the comments below! Each person you tag counts as an entry for you to win.

The winner will be announced next Friday July 13th, and I'll be using a sequence generator to make sure things are fair. There's no limit on how many people you tag. Open to US followers only please, since this is a big print when shipping.

This panorama was a blast to shoot. I captured 20 images last June in the foothills of the Andes in Central Chile with the beautiful Milky Way core rising overhead. The public observatory here had local artists build sculptures that aligned with certain celestial objects/dates. I knew I had to capture the grandeur of the scene with a panorama!

Easy to get lost in the moment while watching sunset over the ocean. Here's another view while hunting for interesting rock structures along the California coast 😀 Do you have a favorite place to watch sunset?

Shooting the Milky Way when there is a bright Moon in the sky is tricky 🤣. I had to wait until 4am to capture this shot in the Alabama Hills last Saturday morning. Once the Moon set behind the Sierras, the Milky Way slowly began to brighten. It's been over a year since I've seen solid dark skies, so it was very refreshing. I'm definitely glad I stayed up late because the view was wonderful. Let me know what you think!

Chasing waves on the shores of California. The rugged cliffs here give way to the rocky shoreline. Eventually, the waves will erode the soft sediment from the cliffs. Seeing the power of water becomes very apparent when viewed from above!

Splashing into the Pacific! Well worth the rope climb down the cliff to setup this composition. The carbonate rocks were incredible, so much texture!

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