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Matt Brett  Freelance web designer + developer. Father of 2 beautiful girls. Drums, video games, vinyl, whiskey, coffee.

Trying to sing along but I can't stop coughing. Fuck, I love those pop-punk love songs. I've come to realize, just now, that Karl Alvarez (All and Descendents) is my favourite punk bassist. Yes, even over Matt Freeman. #all #vinyl #180gram

And so it begins. GF's daughter kept asking to play the banjo tonight, so @pamelahardy3 brought out something a little more her size. Learned her first couple chords and promptly started writing her first song; "Cats Don't Poop in the Toilet" #ukulele #musician

First attempt at making #BBQ #ribs. Definitely a success. Texture, tenderness, and flavour were on point. Grocery store cut, which wasn't the best. Will try again with a proper cut from a butcher.

The reason I started collecting #vinyl in the first place, was to toss my favourites on my wall. Never intended on listening to them, but I've been doing the exact opposite. Thanks to the super simple frames from @recordsonwalls, I get the best of both worlds. First up, some of my favourite albums from the 90s. The top row is 20th anniversary reissues. #recordsonwalls #desk #apple #imac #starwars #bb8 #spherobb8 #descendents #nofx #rancid #facetoface #hepcat #suicidemachines

A late birthday present from my awesome girlfriend. This 20th anniversary reissue of Everything Sucks on #180gram #clearvinyl is definitely in my top 5. So stoked! #descendents

Out for a stroll and some quiet time on this beautiful Mother's Day. #sooke #whiffinspit

Just look at it! 😍🤓#starwars #gum #geek #imanadult

A good friend gave me this record for my birthday a couple weeks ago, knowing it's an old favourite. Fuck, it's even better than I remembered! Always a big fan of #thelovedones, but never had a chance to see them live. Did see #davehause play some of these songs acoustic, though. This album totally makes me want to play drums in a punk rock band again. #vinyl

Only 55% voter turnout in the last #bcelection. Come on, we can do better! #bcelection2017 #ivoted #sooke #vancouverisland

We're on the big boat today. #bcferries #ferry

Irish singer songwriter #dylanwalshe opened for Flogging Molly, and put on one hell of a set. Absolutely huge voice, and added some punch to his set with a pair of stomp boxes. One for bass, the other had a shaker or tambourine under it. Love when solo acts use these. Adds a lot. This was his first Canadian show, and I have a feeling it won't be the last I hear from him.

#FloggingMolly were so fun! Could have done with a little less accordion in the mix, but excellent show regardless. Definitely worth the trek to Vancouver to see them.

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