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Matt_the_human  Matt, meme alchemist,elder scrolls online is good, vodka tastes like shit but gets the job done, "yeah well shut up fat"|| rach <3

I’ll upload this one too bc I can’t decide which I like better but yeah this again @forever_friendzoning thank you so much for the jumper I love you ❤️

*halo 2 official OST * ya whole family tree lgbt+ credit to @forever_friendzoning for the amazing jumper I love you

Finally an actual day off ❤️❤️

I only park in handicapped zones bc I’m siiiiiiick

The joys of lack of sleep i can blitz through an entire season of izombie

Date night was really cool and rach looked 50000000% pretty and I'm so god damn lucky ho ho ho fuck yeah <3

~Holiday was cool ~. Messy hair do not care

Surprisingly people haven't seen me without my hat on so enjoy this fat mess

Alcohol does bad things kids

Pow pow pow

What a little piggy

What a fuckin emo eughhh

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