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Happy birthday @shanerichardvosberg you crazy fucker.. don't have to worry about getting a underage anymore

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy beer and whiskey which is pretty damn close

sometimes you have to get drunk on a low budget

It's funny when people asking me what I am goin to do after highschool but when I say IDK they look at me like I'm throwing my life away bc I haven't chosen a career that I'll hate like everyone else

Im gonna do what I want and if you dont agree with my choices well I dont give a fuck bc Im having fun living life

bc this is one of my fav pictures I took in Lusten Minnesota and I wish I was still there

thanks for getting me into the sport I love and I wish I could ride with you agian bc i will never forget the fun we had and the stupid things you talked us into doing and for that you will always be greatly missed

Gonna miss ya Willy

Happy birthday Jackson I couldnt thank you enough for getting me into the one sport I love and I wish you were still here riding with me.

I have Jackson Strong stickers for sale there 5 bucks if you want dm me

Happy birthday Jackson hope you have a great day in heaven and I bet ur already gave God the nickname Big Tuna

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