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Ready for the weekend, which will include the best buffalo wings known to man and dope views of the Falls, much like this one.

Walk in the woods. (April 2017)

Graphic, I know. However, these guys visited me on the porch the other day while they were in the middle of....something. I had to take a picture because the wings looked so cool. (May 2017)

Overcast. (April 2016)

Office Space. (April 2017)

Crashing. (May 2017)

Diving in. (May 2017)

Uneven ramp. (August 2016)

Tree of Life. (December 2016)

After this passed week, the world needs some lighting up. So let's enjoy this happy giraffe eating in Animal Kingdom. (December 2016)

Bridge over (calm) troubled water. (August 2016)

Trail blazing. (May 2016)

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