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Remembering the good ol' days :3 Breaking the law Moo! ♡
RIP the best boy in the world.
Huge thanks for all your support and kind words! ❤ It's nice to know that he brought joy to other people all around the world with his little antics, gives even more meaning to his life. @moo_the_rat you will be missed greatly. Just so glad he led a fulfilled life and was such a happy lil man.
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My best friend has died. Moo I love you. @moo_the_rat| That's another chapter closed... he was more than just a rat to me...he really gave me so much happiness and was with me through a lot, he had the most beautiful nature about him and bonded with me more than any rat I've ever had. I'm gonna really really miss this guy...I can't believe I'll never be able to have him on my shoulder again and have him nussle under my hair...I really tried to treasure every day with him as I knew rats only live fairly short I made it my mission to really give him all the love and attention I could...i even brought him with me when I lived in London for a while as i didn't want to miss any moments to him; to which my girlfriend of the time used to make little soups and wholesome meals which I would always give him some in his food dish; he absolutely loved it particularly a butternut squash soup i recall! what he just couldn't get enough of... he lived on his own for a long time although got lots of attention from me...but then I introduced "shrew" more recently..a few months which he took to straight was lovely seeing him bond and them cuddle up and groom eachother almost instantly...I'm happy he got to have new experiences in his old age and share a bond with another rat, and I feel it enhanced his life even more...he was such a character and important part of my life...thank you Moo for all the love and bond we had was a really special thing. Absolutely Heartbroken 💔
I ask you all to look through @moo_the_rat's feed and celebrate his life with me and get an idea of what a lovely little guy he was. I made the account so I could have a journal of his life and be able to look back at all the things we did together.

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@moo_the_rat • heartbreaking time...not sure if will lose him overnight but he's comfortable and holding on. My best friend. One of the sweetest natured rats I've ever had, a real character *Update*
He's holding on! Seems to be enjoying the fuss and being held...he's a strong lil guy...just spending as much time with him as I can and comforting him...thanks all for sending positive vibes..he's certainly looking a bit more alert between sleeping.

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