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Rostam Batmanglij  songwriter + record producer. somewhere in the ‘Half-Light’... u may kno me from records w Vampire Weekend, Discovery, Hamilton Leithauser, other 🔥


🌊 🙌 last night in the ‘half-light’... 🙌 🌊 London we turned up. special fnx to @dannylharle & @banoffeemusic #halflighttour

2018 half-light tour in europe: this tour been crazy and we don’t want it to end but they’re only three more cities left. brighton tonight, LDN tomorrow (w @banoffeemusic ), and then two shows in dublin on Saturday: one with @thenational and one midnight show at the workman’s club. big up to the half-light quartet + jeff: @wyolinist @nickkennerly @julian.mcclanahan @david_tangney @jeffreyurso . + gotta thank Sascha and Matthias for bringing some German precision to the road and teaching me the meaning of Rammstein lyrics i heard as a kid. #halflighttour

as we begin to celebrate #pride throughout the month i’ve been thinking about what it means and what it’s about. it feels like in the last year there’s been a shift in my world — and perhaps the world at large— as the word “gay” seems less relevant than it used to. those of us born in the 80s grew up seeing ‘gay’ as a specific community and identity in a way that i don’t think kids are seeing anymore. if you are in high-school I can imagine the word ‘gay’ might seem limiting or outdated. i still identify as gay and i feel like it’s an aspect of who i am but words like ‘queer’ feel more powerful both in terms of fostering a larger community and also more accurate in describing my experience as a person in the world. there is something beautiful to me about the inclusivity of our LGBTQIA spectrum. even though they were initially confused when I came out to them— and even more confused when i told them about my decision to come out in press— i feel like my understanding of being proud of who i am is something my parents instilled in me. I don’t know how not to be proud of my Middle-Eastern roots. I don’t know how not to be proud of my Iranian-American identity. I don’t know how NOT to be proud to be gay. as the word ‘gay’ may seem to fade, the concept of pride seems to grow, bubbling up into the mainstream and the corporate world. let’s not forget those who came before us who gave so much of themselves to get us where we are now. whatever words we choose or don’t choose, let’s celebrate who we are and how wonderful it is to share that with one another. 🏳️‍🌈

last day in germany

The Half-Light Remix EP is out today. These remixes came together organically somehow. @tourist asked about remixing Gwan about a year ago. @jimestack is a friend who reached out about Warning Intruders just telling me how much he liked the song when the album came out. I asked him to remix it this year. @Instupendo I met after the Philadelphia show on the Half-Light Tour in February. The Matsor Projects remix is the first of its kind, and that’s all I want to say about that for now. There are visualizers by Jon Race for every song and a full EP visualizer too. I’m psyched on these! Linq in bio.

that was really cool, sasquatch

BK Steel we’re coming at ya @clairo (😮)

🔥🌊 it’s out. stream the new maggie rogers song ‘fallingwater’ everywhere. we spent a bunch of days / hours / months on it. i think this one breaks a lot of rules and maybe it changes the game. see ya

🔥 Gwan (@tourist Remix) is up on youtube and soundcloud today. there are four remixes on the half-light remix ep and it drops May 31 on all platformz

queen of steak frites @clairo

taken by accident

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