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• Mat McClish  •Advocate for Free Enterprise🗣 •Dreamer Extraordinaire💭 •Cashflow Aficionado💰 •Kingdom Builder🌐 •Seattle, WA 📍

It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste || Henry Ford || I believe most people would trade off the things in their schedule that make them “busy” if they could only see the great things that follow a work habit and delayed gratification. The reality is most people just don’t have an example in their life who has shown them the fruit of that combination so they pleasure seek, develop status and can’t live through their value system. . I hope you’ve decided which example you will be for your legacy.

I don't take naps || Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that💰 @champagnepapi 💰 I’ve never had a dream to own a mega yacht until today. Can’t wait to keep a $120mil toy half way across the world so I can cater to my Friends & Family without worrying about $120,000 to fill up the tank... I look forward to good times on this 206ft beauty and am thoroughly impressed by the final product @delta.marine

Opportunity is a snobbish and impatient goddess who wastes no time with those who are not prepared

Need a private inland marina for your 82’ Pershing Yacht? Perks of being a billionaire is you can build one. I’m thankful to have mentors who constantly raise the standard of excellence. Although being a Billionaire doesn’t interest me, having choices in my life does. Can’t wait to visit this new estate and earn the time of the people who have helped my mentors become who they are today. 💰🚁🛥

Who else is excited for Summer? ☀️

I think I’m ready for summer || or at least a trip to San Diego ☀️

The daring may not live forever || but the cautious do not live at all

Life is more about who knows you than who you know || How much effort are you devoting to earning the trust and respect of people who can positively impact your life? My main goal this year is to double the net worth of my network and fight tooth and nail to get the attention and help of men I want to emulate (& who’s cars I want to own) 🔥 I’ve never been overly fond of waking up to see the sunrise, but it was much easier in an #Aventador .. even though the sunrise decided Seattle needed yet another Shade of Grey..☁️

Success isn’t about achievement and accomplishment || It’s about living in alignment with your values

I don’t need a Mentor to solve my problems, I need a Mentor to change my perspective causing those problems || Adopting a new belief system is hard since it changes me into someone who disagrees with the person I was before seeking perspective

Last weekend I was privileged to be apart of this shoot, and WOW did I gain some perspective - 700HP worth!! 11 hours flew by and I can’t wait to see the end result. Thank God for fast cars, good weather and wealthy mentors.

We were put on Earth to make a difference | not just make a living

If you aren’t fighting for free enterprise | this isn’t your country | your parents just had sex here
I’m grateful to have a dad who has taught me the value of opportunity and the importance of ownership. I look forward to owning a similar home to this (8,000 square feet for $7.1Mil). #BDRHomes I have had many people attempt to shrink, undermine or flat out steal my dreams. I’m blessed to say my parents were never one of those people. He let me believe at 12 years old my first car would be a Ferrari. He still believes me when I write a fake check for $7,100,000 when I walked through this home with him. I choose to listen to those who believe in me. I hope you find that same courage

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