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fluffy ☕️

Sunday 🍦

Today I slept until 12 (which never, ever happens). My jet lag is REAL. So here’s a photo from yesterday when I don’t look as tired, just a little haha ❤️ ps. This was taken around three and it’s that golden evening light because the sun goes down at four in Sweden now🙀Not ready for this!!

on a scale from 0-Matilda how ready for the weekend are you 🍦🍦

yes please 😭

SO excited that my jewelry collection for @nakdfashion is finally launching this month 🌹 the earrings & necklace will be restocked, of course. And a lot more pieces.. keep your eyes peeled xx

@hannalindbloom making me look sassy 🍌

I cried when I woke up and looked outside. I wished I could bottle up the smell that makes me so calm. Then I cried when they told me the egg benedict were sold out, I mean yes I was craving it but that wasn’t why my eyes teared up, I’m not that emotional haha. And then I cried again watching the sunset. Happy tears. Because the last couple of weeks in California filled my whole body with pure joy and a sense of calmness. Ever since 08 when we moved back to Sweden from California, it has been my safe place. The place on earth that just makes breathing a little easier. Ok so maybe I cried a little because I wasn’t ready to leave this behind. I just think I haven’t felt this at home in myself since a long time back and it has just been the wildest most amazing feeling. So I guess all I want to say is that listen to what your soul needs. If your soul is happy your mind and body will be to ❤️


just me and my lil nose that hates sunglasses because they just slide off


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