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Matias Corea  Embarking on a motorcycle trip from Brooklyn to Ushuaia. Two 85' BMW R80GS, 25K miles, 6 months, 15 countries.

Another #daftpunk cover at a canyon in Peru. @twowheelssouth

Adventure never stops.Massive coincidence between our route and @ladfest in Lima. Tonight I closed the conference talking about Behance and my story. Beautiful auditorium, in redoble speakers and a great audience.

Will never forget some of this moments. Climbing up Nevado Ruiz at 4050 meters and intense fog, felt like an expedition to Mars. @twowheelssouth

Some landscapes never get old. @twowheelssouth Looking at this tranquil monster gave me peace.

Exploring is about always peaking over the edge, you never know what's on the other side. @twowheelssouth

"I cried because I didn't have shoes until I saw a child that had no feet."
—Oswaldo Guayasamín

Getting lost with these two. @twowheelssouth

New year, new skills. I want to have more control over my bike, it's all about awareness, focus, repetition, analysis and picking yourself up every time you fall. But doesn't everything in life follow the same pattern?

"I'm a fugitive of not sure where and I lost the north and wind and direction from so much staying out in the world with myself as a companion." —Martí i Pol (1952-57) ///// 2016 @twowheelssouth
"Sóc fugitiu de no se on i he perdut el nord i vent i guia de tant romandre fora món amb mi mateix." —Martí i Pol (1952-57)

I left 2016 with a calmer heart than I started. An open heart. I feel more at peace with myself, what I leave behind and what I want for this new year. I feel I am right where I need to be, in new places, exploring outwards and inwards, being uncomfortable and then also at home in myself. I've met so many new people that have given me a new vantage point over who I am and how I do things, over what it is to be human, to connect, to be present. Joni says 'love is touching souls', I look back and I realize I have a close and tight group of people who I love and whom touches me every day, I hope I get to do that more in this new year and then ones to come. Here's to you my people, you know who you are. ........
Dejé el 2016 con una sensación de clama con la que no había comenzado, con un corazón abierto. Me siento más en paz conmigo mismo, con lo que dejó detrás y con lo que quiero para este año. Siento que estoy exactamente donde debo estar, en nuevos lugares, explorando el exterior y mi interior, estando incómodo y también en casa en mi mismo. He tenido la suerte de conocer a gente que me ha dado una nueva perspectiva sobre quién soy y como hago las cosas, sobre que es ser humano, conectar y estar presente. Joni dice 'el amor es tocar almas', miro atrás y me doy cuenta de que tengo un grupo de gente que quiero mucho y guardo muy cerca de mí, que me toca cada día. Espero poder hacer eso más este año y los que siguen. Brindo por vosotros my gente, ya sabéis bien quienes soys.

This would have been her 40th birthday. I miss her more every day and I can help but to cry in my helmet every time I think about her while i'm on the road. This one was of those times. We passed this small 4 home village and had to go back and to uh the sign, like if i was reaching to touch my sister. It's a mix of the happiness that the memory of her brings me and sadness of not being able to have her in my life. Happy birthday Solete. ---
--- Hoy hubiera sido su 40 cumpleaños. La echo de menos cada día más y no puedo evitar llorar en el casco cada vez que pienso en ella cuando estoy en la carretera. Este fue uno de esos momentos, creo que era cruzando la sierra Juarez en México, pasamos pie un pueblito de 4 casas y le pedí a Joel que duramos la vuelta y que me sacara una foto, no sabía muy bien porque pero tuve que tocar el cartel, como si la fuera a tocar a ella. Es una mezcla entre felicidad que me provoca su memoria y la tristeza de no poder tenerla en mi vida. Feliz cumple Solete.

Nicaragua. 38 years old. Never thought much about where I'd be in life at this point, and I'm neither impressed or disappointed. I'm happy that I'm surrounded by people I truly love, friends and family, that I like to spend time with and whom understand and accept me for who I am. Long ago I stopped trying to be liked by 'everyone' and understood that not only it's impossible but also futile. I feel happy about what I have done and built In life and looking forward to what's ahead, even if I really have no idea of what it is. If I have learned anything is that it's impossible to control life, it's a sequence of evens in which you always have the option to make something out of it. This doesn't mean you always win, or that the outcome is always in your favor, but you can decide to face it and learn from it, whether what happened was good or bad, same rule applies. We can't rest on our laurels or be defeated by a single event, life to me is an opportunity for knowledge but even more an opportunity to experience, to feel. After all that is what makes us humans, emotion that is. I embrace it all, laughter, confusion, pain, love, grace, happiness, anger, emptiness, melancholy. As someone I love very much once said, "you have to let all the feelings erupt and go through the motions, only then you can move on." For a while I have not been afraid of feeling everything in the emotion spectrum, and it's definitely quite beautiful. As Cohen said once "there's an crack in everything, that's where the light gets through." .
I'm thinking of al of you my dear friends, you know who you are. I might be far from you but I carry you with me wherever I go. Everything I learned from being close to you has made me who I am today, and I know it will continue to shape me as I age, next to you. I salute you, as you're exceptional human beings. Love, Me.