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Mediterranean light.

Paparazzo Pietro in action shooting film with his Canon FM3.

When Sand is made on tiny rocks, eroded by time.

South east of Sardinia a couple of days ago. Spiaggia di Is Atutas. A reward after crossing central Sardinia on my bike, probably the hottest ride of my life, hands down.

No caption needed. #sardinia

When you're riding the coast and you see this opportunity open yo your left, you can only stop and take a quick dip, because you can.

Castelsardo, a Sardinian postcard to you all. #sardinia #castellsardo #sardenya

A room with a view.

It doesn't get more Italian than this. #vespa #rossa #portotorres

Last night I loaded the bags for the first time and on my way to the port I felt a steering wobble. Not fun. But I didn't have time to figure it out and neither I was allowed on the boat's deck. So after I made it out I searched for shade and went into a bar. The owner helped me get the couple of tools I didn't have and I was able to tighten the steering and now everything is peachy. Ask for help, and a smile goes a long way.

Narrow spaces in between massive trucks and cars inside the cruises' belly. Hot as hell and humid, floor slippery with a mix of water and engine oil. Chaotic way in and way out.

Last night's "ferry" to Sardinia was everything but a ferry ride. It was a massive cruise ship, it lasted 11 hours and I shared a room with two other men I didn't know, at least we had our own bathroom (with a shower!). Ferry left at midnight and arrived in a scorching hot noon in Sardinia. The adventure begins.

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