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Channeling my inner Hemingway this morning, minus the articulation and the boozing. In the past I've hand written in a notebook but I get tired rather quickly. With this machine I can write for an hour and it's hard to stop at times. I tried to write in a computer before but I got distracted easily since unconsciously I know I can do so much with it. With the Valentine I can only do but write. Like with the saxophone I use it when I feel like it, setting rules of force to one's willingness seems cruel to me. Expression cannot be scheduled.

Took this one out of hibernation slumber. This bike was once under Katrina's waters in Nola and Peter decided to bring it back to life over the period of three years. An example of how dedication and patience can make anything happen. A story of survival, love and rescue that allowed Peter to get lost into something that he cared about, it shows. The patient craft of @motoborgotaro

TuTu. 1986. Miles. Probably the reason I first got into jazz since my dad was playing it all the time at the studio along with Nefertiti and Kind of Blue. Not a bad way to start.

It's strange how emotions change with memory and vice versa. I remember the burning sun, the salty breeze, my hands hurting from the gas, the grease, the oil and the salt, all combined drying and breaking my skin are four hours of being stuck in the middle of the salt flats trying to fix Joel's bike. In the end it was only the coil and we were lucky to carry one and had all the tools we needed. At the time, wanting to make sure it wasn't going to eat dark before we could leave was weighting on my mind as I was trying to problem solve and make sure I wasn't messing anything else. It was. It wasn't my easiest day but also I kept a positive attitude. Today, I can't think of s better place to break down but such astonishing magical place. It's engraved in my memory because I was standing there for so many hours, often waving at the keeps passing by with people in their roofs looking at us like animals in a zoo, just very curious after all. It makes me want to be there again, broken down and feeling alive.

Hard to believe that a month and a half ago I was enjoying being lost in a trip that showed me new lands every day. It's a strange feeling to be back, and still many things that will take time to process. Looking back at images I realize there's so much of the world to explore.

Mornin' side winds. #leemorgan #joehenderson #vynil #jazz

Such a beautiful night sharing our time on the road, thank you all for coming and listening. It was special. Chapter closed and a full heart.

The only time I'll show the video of the crash. Come to hear what happens when you crash in the middle of an empty road in Bolivia. I'd love to see you all! Food and drinks will be served. RSVP in link on bio. πŸ”

There are many untold stories, unseen pictures and videos. This Saturday 22nd come join Joel and I at @uniongaragenyc at 7pm. Space is limited so make sure to RSVP! There's snack and booze so hence the $10 ticket. I promise we'll make it worth your time and money! Would love to see you all after so much time. πŸπŸπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Link in Profile! πŸ”

New friend @na7tdesigns Tom good care of me@last night. Also, when hotels have 30 feet high aquariums in the lobby.

Thank god for the lights.

Desert vibes. Feeling the urge to re-watch Lawrence of Arabia now...

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