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Mathura Balasubramaniam  22 | Dancer 💃| Gaana Rajas 👑 | JRDA ஈழத் தமிழன் 🇬🇧 'Ovvoru valiyilum saathanai ullathu' 💪🏾🙏🏾

From day 1, I've been glued to you. It was like I was given a human teddy to play with. The cutest bundle of joy! Even though you're much bigger than me now, I still love you loads. You'll always be my first baby. Happy birthday fatty 💙

Clearly I got excited 🙆‍♀️ keep swiping 💃 full link in bio as if I haven't uploaded enough of the act 🙊 #teammaranamass #megamaalai2019

MMXIX Team Marana Mass 💞 it's been one hell of a journey but I've always wanted to dance with these boys, @rishots_ and @jeevas_777 💙 fully smashed this act in every way! Thank you for taking me on board and ending my last uni show with a bang! Shoutout to the whole team! So fricking solid 🙌
Song remix: @vjd_music
MUA: @nishabeautyx
Costume: @dissolvedtm
Jewellery: @dd_collections_
Studio courtesy: @idancestudiouk
#asakomasathrovenai #abusadamente #halfsit #extremeout #maranamass #MMXIX #lastunishowdone 🙏

Team Mersal 💙 was an absolute pleasure to be part of a catwalk. Never been in an act with so many people, my gawd 😂 was also a nice catchup with people I haven't seen in ages 🙌💙

MMXIX - it's been one hell of a journey but finally my dream of dancing as a guy on stage has been fulfilled! Never imagined being part of a catwalk 😂 much love for @t_t33ruu @mathuuu_26 @vini_vj7 @jjenogika_21 @vmthra hairstyle by @mystiquebymithu 💙 and 📸: @camalita

Recently been very ill, so sorry for the poor attempt. But Southampton you were absolutely amazing! So welcoming 🤗 @sotongaanadance Thank you for inviting me round! Such an enthusiastic bunch of dancers, you guys inspired me even more 💙

When @vinuzan first told me that I'm going to be the monster, I refused. So used to just performing as a dancer but I've never thought about getting into a particular character whilst dancing. The front row of the audience's reaction when I jumped off stage was fricking hilarious. Thanks @braha_bala for the shoutout! My first year of kog I was the main girl, ended my final year of kog as a monster. The vibe I got when I entered the stage to the padaiyappa theme music and the audience screaming was beyond what I imagined. A huge thank you to @djflamingsoulja for his amazing mixing! Loved doing the fight scene @mathuman @jjenogika_21 @thenusha10 😂💙 and special thanks to @mathuuu_26 and @t_t33ruu for carrying me off stage 😂😂🙈 thanks again to my boys @nanthu_jey and @vinuzan for bringing out a different side to me and for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Much love for the Queen Mary team, only we could've pulled off a Scooby doo theme 💙

'குயிலிசை போதுமே அட குயில் முகம் தேவையா
உணர்வுகள் போதுமே அதன் உருவம் தேவையா'... 💙

Many Tamils are celebrating pongal today but this date forever holds an emotional significance in my heart. We sadly live in a world where discrimination still occurs. I've been picked on for my colour/appearance but discrimination against my health condition - I'm sorry but that's a serious no! I don't usually open up like this but I thought some people may be going through similar battles in their life and I want you to know that you're not alone! Embrace yourself and your differences. Your differences are blessings. Please share this video to increase awareness, thank you 🤗

'Someone who overthinks is also someone who overloves' 👣 #throwback

What a year 2018 has been. Definitely has taught me how to become a lot more independent. One thing I'll tell you all, don't leave your happiness in other people's hands. Only you should be in control of your happiness. Let yourself go! Enjoy life a little more. Hope you've all enjoyed the year and learned from experiences. My dance journey this year has stepped up to crazy levels I couldn't even imagine doing. Stepping up to being a teacher at JRDA, performing alongside Anirudh in London and Paris, starting doing my own workshops and performing as a villain. Another year has come to an end, forever moulding me into the wild human I am. Grateful to everything that's happened so far. Can't wait to see what 2019 has in store. Happy New Year to you all 💙

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