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Mathilda Yokelin  PRO PLAYER. Shapeshifter. Living liedetector. Artist. Photographer.


We dont know what we dont know. Forgive.

#happyresurrectionday ❤️ always have faith. Love you #jesus

Never restrict your immediate inspiration and your spontaneous desire to PLAY, by putting goals, agendas, purpose and/or awareness onto them. The most beautiful gift we have as humans is PRESENCE. And doin stuff that makes no sense and serves no purpose JUST FOR THE JOY OF IT.
The magic of flow. When we know nothing and just go where the exitement takes us!

Presence is the absence of selfawareness and yet the ultimate enlightened state: flow. kids are experts in this if we dont ruin them with adult head-fucking and judgements and achievement bullshit.
Nothing wrong with achieving and setting Goals but that is the natural devellopment that happens in a much later phase than the initial playful idea-/trial and error phase! Something that comes as the momentum takes speed and it almost asks for it as the next step. Or maybe Never 😉
But one thing is FO SHO: If you put the frame on too soon you cant paint the canvas freely!

Instead of focusing on recieving from some external whatever, try focusing on recieving YOURSELF and just let that work up the abundance in your life. Recieve the choices you make, fully recieve the moment that is happening right now in you body, your emotions, recieve your presence and the result of your sacred No (and Yes). Your solitude, your boundries. Recieving you means choosing you and feeling absolutely unapologetic about it.


DDHD (Dreams Dont Have Deadlines)

Shots from my recent photoshoot with divine @dittebechnielsen ✨
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Stop knocking on doors that previously slammed on you.