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GALAXYALLSTARSOUL  Human experiment.

How your soul kicks it up when you just decided to defy all crappy human odds and commit to your life’s highest purpose. Mjhellow!

Sun makes me Shake my head and (apparently) make a wierd noise that Sounds like I should have a beak. I am excused because I am Danish and sun happens twice a year. Made video B/W because I looked like shit 🏆

Service meddelelse til jer der ikke lige ved at 90’erne er top moderne så kan i jo lige se med her. Det næste 90’er item er allerede på ønskelisten: hurtigbrillen som man først synes er grim men pludselig synes er sej #solgt

‘You only need to love yourself - you dont need someone to complete you, youre already whole’. Fuck that shit. Yes do the shadow-work and also the selfawareness work to an extend. But most importantly there comes a time where you must leap into loving yourself enough to ‘loose’ your constant sense of selfawareness as a result of you accepting yourself fully. Besides, never think youre here to experience yourself without the contrast, the mirror and the deep resonance of meeting the same frequencies in another as those you embody yourself. NOTHING BEATS joined forces when those forces are individually aligned with healthy truth. For some it is many different people throughout life and for others it’s THE ONE.
I did the work to love and accept myself even in my ugliest parts. And I am committed to myself to stay with me as I face my fears as they throw themselves at me in a relationship and in every other part of my life. Is it scary? Sure! Is it mindblowingly worth it? YES! - I am ready for THE ONE, unconditional love, I am ready to be held and to hold, to honor and be honored, to support and be supported through everything - and I truly cant think of a more fUn, lush, deep, expansive and exiting way of life than with my divine lifepartner shining back my light and darkness through their own unique magnificance ❤️ to Master the art of committing and letting go at the same time. So for me personally: No, I am not truly whole till he descides to come home. I have never been more ME than I am now, I have never loved myself more than I do now - and I have never needed him more and at the same time I CAN actually live a beautiful life without him. I just simply WANT the life I know there is for me, with him in it 😛 I guess love is beyond the understanding of the mind ;-) #icamehereforlove #twinflame #soulmate #love #partnership

What is it you have never been allowed to be?
What parts of you were you ‘better off’ hiding from the world? What are you supressing?
That youre Sad? Tired? Burnt out? Slow? Happy? Ecstatic? Loud? Still? Sensitive? Angry? Cold? A dick? That youre scared shi(r)tless?
No matter what it may be, embrace it in yourself, give yourself permission and embody it full on. Perhaps even showcase it to the world and in your relationships. Starting now - or whenever. It will integrate naturally when you allow it to be part of you - give it time. Give yourself time and space to realize you are lovable and Perfect right now - regardless of how youre showing up or what comes out of you✨fuck spirituality and guru-shit - stop working on yourself and start living and loving all of you exactly as you are. .
@rodarte I blame you for making me hyperventilate 😍

When you fatigued and depressed so you happy dis bitch can work it so you can lie very very still and yet be living the dream. Damn I love her. This video is a true 2000-masterpiece. I mean, dem belly-moves in a mini and some suuuunnnz. She can check up on me anytime. #beybey

I have such clear memories from living here ✨feeling the pull so bad these days 😭why does it have to be so effin hard to be in this fucking meat vehicle 🤮 embracing it all and sending love to all you sistas and brothers who feel me in this uphill WTF .
#orion #nebula #thequestforunconditionallove #conciousdepression

Strut whatcha got 🦕 #painting #forsale DM if you Wan’eh to be yours 🐅 100x100cm

Når du bare er så klar til den store bagedyst kommer igen.

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