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Mathieu Ostiguy  ✌

Getting ready for our first Junior Grand Prix. #lastsprint #jgpriga

Common representation of myself while I'm eating all my emotions #happyfeelings #fitforlife #eatinglikeapig

It just feels so good to be back.
. 📷 : @danielleearlphotography

We're ready to bring back fours! #newtricks

New tricks ft. victory dance in bonus #pairskatercanjump

Can I just take a moment to tell the world how proud I am of my partner @choinacj ? She just took gold at minto, her first competition since she moved to Montréal. Not only it's a victory because she won but also because after moving to a new province, new coaches, new friends, new rink, new SPORT and dealing for the first time with doing single AND pairs, she still managed to be fierce and strong and skated like a real champion. I'm proud of you because you made a lot of sacrifices the last few months and you never looked back and you never give up. You believe in your dreams and I believr in ours. I'm really lucky to be your partner and I am more than sure that we have a great season in front of us.
Chloe, you are the real MVP.
#proudpartner #badass

Very productive pair session with @richigogo6913 today #thestruggleisreal

"Do you even lift bro?" #pairfriends #summertraining

Trust and let go.
#sunintheface #missingthebeach

Even if i'm excited to move in the big city soon, I'll always be grateful to come back home to this.
#nofilter #inthemiddleofnowhere

Did I mention that I love food? #pocheetfils #burgersforpresident

Or the water was colder than I thought or I stepped on something weird or I was just farting. You decide.

#vacationmodel #searscatalog #teamfart

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