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God bless the person who made a donation as @nina_bonina_brown also @kgreco09 you amazing person

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Full video: Like us on facebook
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The gay cat is out of the bag. I've written a movie and I need your help to get it made. This project means so much to me for a variety of reasons one of which is getting to see a version of me (gay, out, Filipino, funny I think) on screen.
The film is about falling out of love, trying to save a friendship, divergent desires, wine and California. And I'm told it's funny.
There are few easy ways to support the film. One of which is visiting and sharing or IndieGoGo page ( Another is liking and sharing our Facebook page (@stonefruitmovie). Visiting these sites is also a really good way of learning more about the project.
The most important way you can support this film is donating. Every little bit will go a very long way. We need to pay actors (check them out in our pitch video, they're so cute and talented and deserve to get paid), pay crew, an editor, etc. And no good deed in this campaign comes unrewarded. There are a slew of fun donation levels that opportune you a variety of swag.
In the coming weeks I'll be making more pleas and giving updates on our efforts. The only way to make me stop is by helping us meet our goal.
With much Love,


#gayfilm #gaymovie #gayactors #gaywriter#lgbt#lgbtcinema#wine#pasorobles #stonefruitmovie #rosé#castro #weho #indiegogo #divorce

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tmw a friend invites a straight but curious stranger to your place to watch drag race and he says all men die once, take wine out of the fridge, says he needs to use the bathroom and jumps out your balcony w/o his desert boots bc #gaypanic

R O M P | H E R

What a wonderful night full of such local talent! Pick up your copy of FOURTEEN HILLS. Thanks for publishing my two poems on fellatio and pairing with this sexy art!

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