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Bird Eye


【English below 】
㈱アスカネット様の新ブランド、〖MY BOOK LIFE〗。




2月23日~26日に横浜で開催のCP +に展示されている。。。かもしれませんので、アスカネット様のブースへぜひお越しください!実物を見ると新シリーズで何か作りたくなるはずです◎

Asuka Net Corporation new brand,〖MY BOOK LIFE〗.
Among them, 365 (san-roku-go) was completed ♪
In other words, it's a service that you can create a calendar with your favorite photos !! I was keen to make a picture of the spiral staircase, but the number was unexpected, it became a spiral staircase, architecture, and cats.

Although there is a calendar but there is no day of the week, it can be used as a calendar for a million years without being bound by that year. I thought it would be nice if it was easy to edit such as anniversary, but I felt tired after I picked 365 pieces.😊 Paper quality is not cheap, rather it is matte and there is a sense of luxury, and when I saw that it was actually printed, I thought that my photograph only suits the glossy type, but because it was good extra compatibility, it is comprehensively completed I was satisfied!!! It is exhibited in CP + held in Yokohama from February 23 to 26 this year. . .Come to Asuka Net Corporation's booth! When you see the real thing you should want to make something with the new series ◎

Life on Mars